November 2, 2013

A Quote and a Thankful List (or, I couldn't think of anything better to call this post)

November is Thanksgiving month in the US and I like to be sure to give the holiday its due. In 2010 me and a friend wrote daily gratitude posts (from Thanksgiving to New Year). Last year I published "Thankful Thursday" posts each week of the month.

Lately I have been linking up with my friend Lizzi's "Ten Things of Thankful", but not every week. For this November, though, I want to commit to doing so every Saturday.

Even if it's hard. Even if I have a sucky week.

This first Saturday in November I am thankful because....

1. My son is doing very well in school, just like usual. At the conference I completely forgot about and was not ready in time for (Mark went) AJ's teacher said he just sometimes struggles with writing. As in, thinking of what to write. I kinda LOL at this, considering I'm a BLOGGER!

2. After being a bit busy this Fall -- whether literally ME having a lot to do, or helping to orchestrate the activities of the other people in this house -- I was happy we weren't all that busy this week.

3. I got to have a great phone conversation with a friend of mine I was missing.

4. I am keeping tabs on, and sharing all over the Internet, the Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project, and it seems to be going very well. I absolutely LOVE this grass-roots effort Jill Smokler of Scary Mommy spearheads. This is the third year of helping those in need with a $50 grocery gift card so they may have a proper Thanksgiving dinner. The stories that are submitted to Jill and the outpouring of love and donations are overwhelming. Every single thing I read about it chokes me up and gives me just that little bit I need to keep believing in the goodness of humanity. If you are able to donate, go here. If you are in need, go here.

5. November means NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo and I am participating in neither! I learned my lesson last year. However, I am very happy to be contributing a couple guest posts and a prize to those who are doing NaBloPoMo and congregating at Yeah Write as they do so. In fact, my first guest post at Yeah Write is up TODAY!

6. Halloween was simple and easy and just plain lovely. It is all kinds of awesome when your kids are big enough to go trick-or-treating with just their friends in the neighborhood.

7. Camryn came in from her FIRST ROUND of trick-or-treating (it was her mission to hit every single house in the neighborhood) and promptly gave me a bite size Kit Kat.

8. A gifted bottle of wine and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Just because my friend is awesome. And maybe a little but nutty. Why the woman bakes cookies on Halloween I will never know.

9. Salad. I love a large salad with little grape or cherry tomatoes, a sprinkling of shredded cheese, some chicken, something crunchy and a nice lite dressing. It's like, my favorite thing to have for lunch, and I've had the ingredients this week. (Extra points for avocado!)

10. Rolling up the sleeping bag I've had out next to my side of the bed for my son for months now because he has finally started just waking me up and asking to be tucked back into his own bed! Although, he is my best cuddler.

Ten Things of Thankful

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