October 12, 2011

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly. ~Epictetus

I need to talk about something really serious.

Truly.  If you thought my post yesterday was a heavy one, you aint seen nothin' yet.

Are you gonna talk about illness and death some more? Cuz that's so fun!

Sorry, no.  But it's still really important.

Politics?  Religion?  Charity? Marriage or parenting?

No, none of those topics.

What else could possibly be so serious?

It's my style.  Or lack thereof.

Well, it's lacking according to the style gurus of the world.


To me?

See, I'm a stay-at-home mom, have been for the last 8 1/2 years.  My uniform is pull-on pants and t-shirts.


Wait for it....

When I can get away with it, I stay in pajamas.


Oh.eM.Gee! (Think snotty teen tone.)

Here's the thing: why wear anything else?  I don't have to impress anyone.  I don't have to even leave my house except to grab my kiddo from the bus stop most days.  I certainly don't care what the other moms in my neighborhood think about my clothes.

I practice good hygeine, even on the days I stay in PJs.  My hair isn't a mess and I don't smell bad.  I shower, brush my teeth and use deoderant.

I simply believe in being practical and comfortable.

It isn't comfortable to do laundry, homework or blog in jeans or slacks.  Nor is it practical.
Um. No.

I feel like I'm putting some serious effort into my outfit when I wear jeans.  No joke.  Speaking of jeans, I own a pair of Pajama Jeans.  That's right.  That's how committed to comfort I am.

Mark and I went to a wedding last Saturday and I wore a dress for probably the first time since my friend's 30th birthday party nearly 4 years ago.  Beforehand, I had to find things to accessorize the dress.

Asking people online who don't spend much time with you IRL to help you dress yourself is an exercise in futility.  And kinda makes you want to....


People were suggesting things like chunky bangle bracelets, heels and big hoop earrings.  They used words like "flashy" and phrases like "glam it up".

What?  Seriously? You don't know me at all, do you?

I wore a really comfortable dress, but add pantihose + tummy slimmer = UNcomfortable.  And, I felt naked from the waist down.  I had really good posture, though.

This is me, dressed up.
We're talking some make-up too!
Mark cleans up nice!
Back to my point.

Fashion is not my thing.  As much as I tried back in high school with my leggings in every color, long v-neck sweaters and Keds, it never has been my thing.

I like a simple hairstyle that doesn't require product.  I like subtle, understated jewelry.  I don't like to wear make-up often because it just makes my skin angry.  And I rarely paint my fingernails because it seems to make them weaker than they already are.

Pants that have zippers and buttons or, heaven forbid, belts, make me feel like I can't breathe.  The one caveat there is low-rise.  Not butt crack showing ultra low-rise.  Just below the waist.

Not good

Snugness around my waist gives me anxiety.  I mean, I loved my pregnant belly and wearing maternity clothes cuz there was nothing restricting about any of that.

I love the softest, most easy t-shirt I can find.  Whether short, 3/4 or long sleeves, scoop, V or crew neck, it just has to be comfy.  Oh, and underwire?  Not in a million years!

I mean, I'm not wearing moo-moos or cheap sweats.  I won't even wear unisex t-shirts because I KNOW they are completely unflattering on me.  I do have some standards.

I do my best to find comfortable clothes that are cute. I really do. But if they're not that cute. I kinda don't care. This is my life right now and I'm not gonna apologize for it.

I am a coffee whore.  I am a wine whore.  I am a car whore.

I am a comfort whore.

Yep, I said it!

Updated 10/25/11 - Linking with Lovelinks for the first time!


  1. I'm a comfort whore too. I wear pantyhose and heels to work, but as soon as I get home, the underwire comes off and the PJs go on!

  2. I think it's good to dress up, or look nice, but man, I love the time of day when I can wash off all the make up and throw on my pajamas. I actually think it makes them even more comfortable because I can't be in them as much.

    AND by the way. You looked great for the wedding and Mark too.

  3. Oh this makes me feel so much better. I live for my PJ pants. If I have no where to go then WHY get ready? I even have my "comfy" pj pants and my "well these are comfy while the others are in the wash" pants. Although I have been dabbling a little more with fashion when I go out. My friend make jewelry so she has made some wonderful custom pieces for me. I miss having my nails done, but when I get them done they bug me. I wore heals last weekend for the first time in almost 10 years. I prefer the flip flops. Good to know I am not alone in the comfort world! You did AWESOME for the wedding! You looked GREAT!

  4. Hey, you clean up nice yourself!

    I am all about comfort but I work outside of home and therefore I do have to dress a wee bit more professional like. That being said, I still think I have no style and would so love to be on What Not To Wear because I am to damn cheap to buy myself anything new . . . even though I desperately need it.

  5. I have no sense of style myself. Can you imagine how stressful it is to not only dress myself but my little girl as well?? Seriously, I panic every morning. I mostly lived in capri pants and t-shirts this summer. And come winter, I'll be wearing yoga pants and long sleeved t-shirts. You can come hang with me anytime.

  6. I am glad you tackled such a serious topic. I know it wasn't easy for you. BUT THE WORLD MUST BE AWARE OF THESE ISSUES!

    First, I love your wedding outfit. Scarves and boots complete me.

    Secondly, I wore practically no jewelry to the wedding I just went to. I did wear a watch, which did not go with my cocktail dress. Meh. Whatever. The fashion police can deal with it.

    Thirdly, I am blogging in pajamas right now. Well, technically I'm commenting in pajamas, but whatever.

  7. I, too, throw off everything when I get home. But...elastic waistbands are dangerous. They let us s p r e a d without knowing it. For me, jeans keep me honest. And dressing up (Geez, Mark was SHARP in his suit) shows your kids you "clean up well" (...and you do! You looked great at the wedding!) It's not just all about the fashion police, it's about your own self-esteem and setting an example. For me, that includes dressing appropriately for the occasion. But what does appropriate mean today? There's lots of room for interpretation, but you struck the right chord for you.

  8. Hey, our wardrobes match! I can no longer fit my jeans, so you're one step ahead.

    Thanks for linking up at lovelinks!

  9. I'm reading this in my pajamas. Actually, what I'm wearing doubles as both PJs and a workout outfit, but I don't workout, so it's just a "look". I have no one to impress either. However I've started getting spruced up on Wednsdays for my husband, because occassionally he likes to see me in something besides this outfit. I can so relate to your post!

  10. (((Soul sister))))
    Kindred spirit - come on over to my couch in your PJs and we'll sloth around unfashionably and have coffee together. (-:

  11. I totally get what you mean!

    Right now, I'm in a baggy tee and harem pants with an elastic waist band. I don't look fashionable but neither do I look sloppy. I just look....lived in ;)

    You and Mark both clean up nice!

  12. I am with you. On the days I don't have to go to work or out to run errands, I am in my comfy pants (I actually wrote a post about how I had reached my comfy pant limit...my husband kindly told me like I asked). Life's too short not to be comfortable. So whore it out, sister, whore it out!

  13. LOL! Spoken like a true SHAM! I love it and I'm right there with ya!

  14. I refuse to not be comfortable, even if I'm dressed "up" for work, or to a wedding, etc.. I do go for the underwire though...helps all the padding stay in place ;)

  15. So wait, you shower and then put your pj's back on? I have to change clothes or I'll feel like I should be sleeping all day long. I am a jeans lover so unless it's a formal event I have jeans on. I am horrible at accessorizing but I blame it on having kids who like to pull and eat whatever I'm wearing!

  16. Yay comfort! I do have those days where I feel like getting dressed up a bit. But most of the time, I'm with you. I do however, find jeans comfortable and I wear those most often. Scrub pants (like what nurses wear) are also super comfy and have become a part of my wardrobe even though I am not in the medical field at all. And I also almost never wear make up and I don't put anything extra in my hair. And that's how I like it!