October 17, 2011

Oh, the Guilt!

A certain little pink birdy got to choose the topic for Monday Listicles this week and she chose 10 guilty pleasures.

I hate guilt.  Guilt sucks.  Mom guilt.  Survivor's guilt.  Religious Guilt.  Childhood Omnipotent Guilt.

And why, may I ask, is it necessary to feel guilty about things that make us happy?

Pfft.  Whatever.

1.  So there are my favorite food items, such as coffee, caramel and wine, which I already named in another Listicle.  It just so happens that that post is one of my most popular simply because it includes burritos!

2.  Then there are my favorite TV shows, which I just recently told you all about.  I think my most favorite is Grey's Anatomy.


3.  I suppose I should probably count Blogging as a guilty pleasure, because it's not something I have to do, it's something I want to do and love to do.  I also suppose social media in general is a guilty pleasure.  Again, what-ever.


4.  Having a huge stash of yarn!

This is an old picture. I have more.

5.  Caramel Apple Spices and Mochas from Starbucks.  Peppermint mochas in December.


6.  Coloring my hair probably falls under this heading.

7.  Cinnabon Caramel Pecanbon, which I hardly ever get.

8.  Just because they're so expensive, pecans, walnuts and cashews.

9.  I love going out to eat!  Not only do you not have to do the cooking or cleaning, but it also tastes great.


10.  Being a stay-at-home mom.  Yeah, I feel guilty about this sometimes.  And yes, it is a pleasure.  I have the utmost respect for working mothers, whether they have to work or just want to.  All mothers have a lot on their plates, but moms who also hold down paying jobs?  Lots more.  I feel blessed to be my kids' primary caregiver (yes, even when they're driving me nuts; it's very confusing) and to never miss a thing.  Being my kids' full-time mom is a gift I guess I owe to my bad eyes.  Ironic, hu?

My beautiful babies.

OK, so there's a list of guilty pleasures for you.  BUT, I think we should all try to feel a lot LESS guilt over the things that bring us pleasure.  Instead of guilt, feel humility and gratitude.  Give thanks, share and enjoy.    I challenge myself, and you, to do so!

"Americans know entertainment, but they don't know pleasure."
~ Luca Spaghetti, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert


  1. I would like a caramel apple spice and one of those cinnamon buns! OMG, this post made me HUNGRY!

  2. I agree that I tend to feel guilty for being lazy....yet I LOVE to be lazy! hahahaha!

    I feel guilt when all I want to do is play, hike, bike, ride my horse, etc, etc.... but, after all.. it's MY LIFE... I'm not hurting anyone.. and this is how I want to live it!

    And, I am EXTREMELY grateful every day that I am able to enjoy my life, my hubby, puppy, pony, and the incredible Earth! What a great playground we've been given, huh?


  3. Grey's Anatomy is my favorite T.V. show too!!
    And your babies ARE cute!!
    And I love mochas :)

  4. Those caramal buns look to die for!! I too have that stay at home guilt, but as they get older I'm less guilty and more greatful. Finally, dining out is the best thing ever for all those reasons you listed!

  5. I am all in for #7. I can't walk past that place without buying one. Ahh...the joys of eating something that tastes so good! I liked your post. Sometimes you have to just let loose and enjoy those guilty pleasures every now and then.

  6. Your food pictures are awesome, made me so hungry. I love apple cider with caramel and whip cream and of course cinnabon!

  7. I thought the caption under your yarn picture was so funny! Once again...a guilty pleasures list has made me hungry. I guess I only have myself to blame though.

  8. The caramel bun looks amazing! I'm a working mom bc I have to be but I also want to be, but that doesn't mean I don't have so much guilt over it!

  9. I agree, we should try not to feel so guilty about our pleasures - there are already too many other things to feel guilty about!

    And um, what the heck is that Pecanbon thing and where can I get me some of that???

  10. Your yarn is beautiful. I love this! Let us not feel guilty about what makes us happy. My new mantra! And I am including some things from your list right now.

  11. I love eating out, especially for lunch or breakfast before the kids are too cranky!

  12. Mmm... I am hungry now. :) I like what you said about feeling guilty; I feel guilt about pretty much everything I do. It's stupid. We should be enjoying and embracing every moment. Thank you! PS: I love burritos, too!