June 2, 2010


I was doing just fine with waiting til the end of school to start living in our house, but now that June is actually here, it's getting harder!  I don't want to do the upkeep on the apartment anymore, I want to do it at my house.  We are living with only half our stuff and it's just weird.

My dad is taking a trip with my aunt to see my Grandma on the 10th.  He's been the one helping us haul most of our stuff, so our new plan is to try to get everything over there by the 9th and maybe have to camp out in the apartment a couple nights.  Or, we could get everything except our beds over there by then and either have someone else help or rent a truck on the 12th to move our beds.  Mark will have at least the 13th - 20th off, so he can take Cami to the last few days of school.  We will only have to move our and Cami's bed cuz we're ditching the crib (good too cuz it's like totally crippled).  But, ours is a king, so that's always fun!

We have to take time out to take Cami and Henesee to Build-a-Bear with Girl Scouts and Mark has a friend's birthday, both on Saturday.  Yeah, we had a nice big argument about this last night.  We don't fight very often now that we've been together for so long, so when we do, it really throws us for a loop.  Throw in the fact that I needed to pick up my med refill for 3 days and it pretty much sucked.  The fight made me completely sob, that's how overly emotional I was.  I had been feeling weepy all day, so it was right there at the surface just waiting to bubble out.  I'm not afraid of my emotions, in fact I welcome a good cry every now and then, but I do take an anti-anxiety med for a reason!

Everyone around here is complaining about the weather, me included.  Mother Nature is such a tease!  We had some super nice spring weather for a couple weeks, and then it turned back to rain, rain all the time.  Of course I know the rain doesn't typically stop til July anyway, but you know, it's understandable to start getting sick of it.  I'm a trooper the rest of the year!

Camryn's stinkin' science project is due Thursday. She's been trying to grow crystals, but it's only working a little. My theory is that it's due to all the moisture in the air around here. Will have to Google to see if I'm right. You can Google anything, right? ;-) I think it's alright tho, just part of the discovery of science, what does and doesn't work.

In honor of my fight with Mark: "For two people in a marriage to live together day after day is unquestionably the one miracle the Vatican has overlooked." ~Bill Cosby, Love and Marriage

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