May 12, 2010

A home of our own

The other day I wondered if we'd be able to enjoy finally closing on our house because of all the stress we were feeling. The answer is yes, we are enjoying it very much!

Today was so cool. Mark got the key to the front door from our realtor Wendy. (Apparently the other keys and garage door opener are with the escrow company.) So we gathered up a notepad, tape measure, camera (which turned out to have dead batteries), frozen pizza and a special bottle of wine and went over to OUR HOUSE. I had the kids bring something they'd like to put in their rooms to help it feel personal for them.

First thing we did was measure both the kid's rooms to see if one was bigger than the other. If one was bigger, Cami would get it, but if they were the same, they'd just have to figure out who wanted which room. Turns out one is a few inches bigger, so Cami claimed it.

We had a fun time wandering around and talking about where we'll put stuff. My dad came over too and of course we talked a lot with him about how to set up our living room and the all important electronics! The kids ventured over to the playground and back twice. We cooked our pizza in our new oven (gas!) and discovered that the previous owner took the cool fridge she had and left a plain old normal one. Oh well. Like I care right now!

Again I have to say I can't believe this is happening! It's so fun....and emotional. I could cry at any moment. But I would be crying because of happiness and gratitude, which is wonderful. Oh ok, there I go! ;;-)

My quote today is: "The best way to get something done is to begin." ~Author Unknown because now we have to start PACKING!

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