January 15, 2016

Something My Son Said

One night (sometime last month), my husband was having a particularly rough time. His blood sugar had gone low and then he needed to go to the bathroom several times.

Low blood sugars, for Mark, at least, tend to cause the need to use the toilet. Let's just leave it at that. Because TMI.

Well, Mark had just had a doozy of an insulin reaction, plus his muscles are already weak, so getting from the bed to the bathroom was very hard for him. He was requiring quite a bit of help from me and everything was just a very frustrating mess.

I became emotional at one point. Our son, AJ (who turns 10 next week), has some sort of "mom is upset" radar, so he got emotional too. In between things Mark needed help with, I talked to AJ about what he was feeling.

AJ: "I hate this so much!"

Me: "Me too. But what specifically do you hate?"

AJ: "I hate how hard everything is for Dad. I hate seeing him without all his clothes on because he's so skinny. And he just keeps getting worse."

Me: "Yeah, that's everything I hate too. I'm so sorry, sweetheart."

I wrapped him in a hug and he mumbled something into my chest.

Me: "What did you say?"

AJ: "I'm just glad you love him so much."

And my heart burst.

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