January 28, 2016

An Interview with a Ten Year Old

Here is the third installment of my yearly tradition to "interview" my kids.

Since my daughter's birthday is in the summer, I wait for her new school year pictures and share her answers in the fall. AJ's birthday is in January when I already have his school portrait, so I try to share his right afterward.

This year he is TEN! I happen to think 10 is a little special because you've made it to the double digits.

Due to the unfortunate timing of a hospital stay for his dad, AJ is actually getting to celebrate his birthday over about two weeks. We will be wrapping up the festivities this weekend with a trip to the Seattle Aquarium!

1. My favorite food is: Chicken strips

2. The best show on TV is: Supernatrual

3. The coolest person/people on earth is: Mom and Dad

4. My favorite subject in school is: reading

5. The subject I like the least is: math

6. The thing I do best is: soccer or video games

7. If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go to: Japan or Ireland

8. My favorite color is: black and red

9. When I grow up, I think I might like to be a: Marine Biologist

10. My current favorite song is: Hooked on a Feeling

11. Three words that describe me are: funny, loving, smart

12. My favorite season is: winter

13. The snack I like the best is: peanut buttery stuff

14. My best friend is: all of them

15. My current favorite book is: Harry Potter

16. If I had one wish, it would be: make my dad better

17. My best memory is: Great Wolf lodge with my friend

18. My current favorite movie is: The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies

19. One food that I really dislike is: jalapenos

20. My favorite thing to do is: play at my friends' houses

So, number 16...yeah. The older AJ gets, the more he understands Mark's health problems, the more they bother him. He's a pretty empathetic guy.

If I let him, I'm pretty sure AJ would eat peanut butter toast or PB&J sandwiches for most meals.

He has started reading the Harry Potter series, and was gifted a set for his birthday.

"Hooked on a Feeling" is his current favorite song because of The Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Great soundtrack!

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