November 4, 2015

An Interview with a Fifteen Year Old

Three years ago I started an annual tradition of having my kids answer the same 20 questions in order to watch how they change.

My daughter Camryn is 15 years old this year and a sophomore in high school. She has changed SO MUCH over the last year. Basically, she became a full-on stereotypical teenage girl, with an attitude to match.


She knows all the things, doesn't need not one single adult for anything, is sarcastic about everything, and would probably like to have a pair of earbuds surgically implanted into her ears.

Guess what she did: she tossed her school picture proof sheet instead of bringing it home to me so I could see and maybe order copies.

Sigh. I love my daughter. I love my daughter. I love my daughter.

But I am smart and I emailed LifeTouch asking for access to Camryn's portrait and they obliged me.

Go me!

She thinks her face looks funny. I think she looks HAPPY.

1. My favorite food is: Pie!

2. The best show on TV is: The Flash or Fairy Tail

3. The coolest person on earth is: Jay

4. My favorite class in school is: Drama

5. The class I like the least is: English

6. The thing I do best is: Sing

7. If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go to: Japan

8. My favorite color is: Red

9. When I grow up, I think I might like to be a: Nurse

10. My current favorite song is: Rockstar by Nickelback

11. Three words that describe me are: Crazy, weird, expressive

12. My favorite season is: summer

13. The snack I like the best is: Depends on my mood for something

14. My best friend is: Hard to choose, have too many friends

15. My current favorite book is: Haven't read a good one lately

16. If I had one wish, it would be: To move out with Jay

17. My best memory is: Can't choose

18. My current favorite movie is: Too many!

19. One food that I really dislike is: Bell peppers

20. My favorite thing to do is: Be in my room and ignore the world


Kayso, Jay is, like, OMG!  her boyfriend. She has fallen HARD for him. He is her first love and seems like a pretty OK guy. They text constantly, and Skype too. He comes over and she makes him watch the movies she likes. He humors her while picking everything apart. She giggles a lot.

Her answer to #20 is kind of funny because one of the things she does the most while alone in her room is go on Facebook, laugh and share posts. Perusing social media is hardly ignoring the world.

Having a teenager isn't all sunshine and roses. In fact, it's really hard sometimes; so different from younger kids. But, as with any other childhood milestones, it's pretty neat to watch your learning and growing kiddo growing up.

Got any advice for raising teenagers?

Inspired by Katie at Your Girls and Boys.

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