May 7, 2015

He is Fragile

My husband needs my help to get ready for a shower. He is currently sporting three different dressings that need to be kept dry.

I don't mind helping him, but I kind of hate seeing him without clothes on these days.

He's so thin.

He looks so fragile; looks as if he could break like a twig.

As I bend over him lying on our bed, affixing waterproof dressing coverings, I see how much his body has been through. How much it is still going through.

And there is a major surgery on the horizon....

He's so fragile, I think.

But no, he's so strong!

LOOK at how much he's been through.

Both are true.

My husband is both strong and fragile.

Sharing these thoughts inspired by the One Word Blog Challenge word: fragile.

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