May 5, 2015

10 Best Instagrams So Far This Year

I am an Instagram slacker this year.

Sometimes I think I need to go back to the #FMSphotoaday challenge
to maybe get my mojo back.

My life has just been too distracting away from social media!

I mean, I've taken lots of pictures of my husband's chest and heel wounds.
But ain't nobody wanna see that!


I have shared some photos, though, and these are the ones my followers liked the most.

Instagram Hearts: January-April 2015

Some delicious cookies were made

Which prompted me to ask this question

Speaking of sweets (two ingredient apple pie)

I got my nails done for the Super Bowl

Spring sprang early (lot that groundhog knows!)

I bought Mark a cool t-shirt

And a TARDIS was built

I love the clouds where I live

And, as always, everyone loves my cat!

Well that little trip down (recent) memory lane was fun!

Which one(s) is your favorite?

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