May 29, 2015

I Am Poem

Hey you guys! This? This right here that you're reading? It's my 1000th post!!

What in the world should I write for my 1000th post??


A couple or three years ago many bloggers I read were writing "I Am" poems. I didn't at that time, but saved the template for it in my favorites, hoping I would one day set to writing one of my own.

This appears to be as good a time as any.

I think people who can write poetry are especially talented. It seems like painting with words to me.

I, however, am not a poet. This poem comes with prompting (apparently for teachers to have kids do). Even still, it was really hard!

I Am

I am open and empathetic 
I wonder what others are really thinking 
I hear an angel whisper in my ear 
I see the years whizzing by 
I want to explore 
I am open and empathetic

I pretend everything is OK 
I feel the pull of my heart 
I touch on who I really am 
I worry about assumptions 
I cry only when I can't not 
I am open and empathetic

I understand that life goes on 
I say it will work out for the best 
I dream about things I can't control 
I try to balance 
I hope just because
I am open and empathetic

Have you ever written an "I Am" poem? What do you think of mine?

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