January 5, 2015

One Word for 2015

This will be the third year I've had a single word to guide me.

I started to say "follow me", but that's not how it works. Not for me, at least.

My word actually leads me. I think I said last year that it's as if my word is floating somewhere out in front of me and I chase it.

I have found choosing a word for the year to be so much more powerful than any resolution I could make.

My One Word for 2015 is Resolve.

Perfect. (source)

It might not be a pretty, inspiring or particularly motivating word, but there it is nonetheless.

It came to me very shortly after beginning to think about the path stretching out before me. This journey I'm on with my husband that, beyond marriage and raising our children, includes his chronic illnesses and the fact that I have now firmly placed the Caregiver hat atop my head.

I am not thinking of it as "I resolve to". Like a list of new year's resolutions.

It is more like "I am resolved to" what I must do.

That doesn't sound pretty, inspiring or motivating either, does it?

But you see, I feel that this word -- Resolve -- can hold the other words that are required for this endeavor: Strength, Courage, Determination.

Like a gift box.

Because there is so much that goes into caregiving and being a good health care advocate....on top of being a mom and blogger, and anything else that matters to me.

It's all a lot of work. And an emotional roller coaster.

The only thing about it all that's easy, is the Love I feel. So. Much. Love.

I made sure Santa brought me this print for Christmas.
So yeah, Resolve. That's where I'm at, and what I think this year will call for.

Do you have a word for this year?

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