October 10, 2014

The Canadians Made Me Do It

I think a gratitude list is called for in honor of Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.

I wish American Thanksgiving was in October too, because it's just too close to Christmas.

No one's gonna listen to me though, are they?

My mother-in-law has very good friends who live in British Columbia and have invited her up for the holiday. And the food. I'm way jealous.

But I'm also grateful!

1. That my mother-in-law is living near us now. Her timing in moving here was perfect considering everything Mark is dealing with. She is so helpful, thoughtful....and cheerful.

2. My daughter's beautiful school pictures, which I will share with you at a later date.

3. Mark's vascular surgeon who is thorough and careful and CARING.

4. That my son's name was pulled to participate in the weekly PE "intramural" after school class because he loves being physically active.

5. That my dad drove Camryn and I down to the Step Out for Diabetes Walk last weekend (and surprised me by walking with us), and I got to briefly see an aunt and uncle of mine there too.

6. Really nice Fall weather.

7. Teachers responsive to my emails.

8. Getting out for a chimichanga and margarita with one of my besties.

9. That this weekend should be pretty mellow, which I think we need after the last couple of weeks.

10. I asked Mark what he's thankful for right now. He just said, "Life."

So on that note.....

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