June 6, 2014

10 Reasons I'm Thankful For My Mother On Her Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday!

Everyone say, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEN'S MOM!!"

Or, you could use her name, which is Deanne (Dee-ann).

I am her only child and we live in different states. I never get to celebrate her birthday with her, so I thought I would write up a list of the best things about her to let her feel my love today.

Mom, I am thankful for you because.....

1. You're my mom - Simple and obvious, but still necessary to point out, because being someone's mom is a very special thing.

2. Your unconditional love for me - You love me like a mother should love her child. I know you always have, do and always will.

3. You don't apologize for who you are - I've always known this about you, but it took me a long time to learn it for myself.

4. You're adventurous - Yeah, sometimes I think you're a little nutty, but I admire your sense of adventure.

5. You live life to the fullest - You grab onto each day, soak it up and wring out every last drop. You've taught me to appreciate each new day.

6. Your tenacity - When you decide you want some THING or to DO something, you go after what you want.

7. Your passion for horses - I may not completely get it, but through your love for horses and horseback riding, you've taught me to find what you're passionate about and live it.

8. Your daring nature - never afraid to try new things...from rock climbing to dirt bike riding to spending a month in Spain to taking up quilting and rocking it....

9. The support you give me and my family - I hope you never doubt how much we appreciate it, whether an actual something we need help with, or just your love and prayers.

10. The way you are also sharing all of these parts of you with my kids. I can only hope they get the same things out of having you in their lives as I have.

Even if we have a little Facebook PM spat, I always love my mother, and am very grateful for her.

Have a great day

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