March 4, 2014

Instagram Hearts February

OMG I'm leaving for my very first ever cruise tomorrow!

I am hoping I will be able to Instagram my little heart out during said cruise.

But first, my most hearted (liked) Instagrams of February.

For the #FMSphotoaday prompt "Details"
Close-up of a blanket I crocheted
Little surprise box of Valentine's chocolates
Spotted my boys on the couch like this and just had to take the pic!
Little bit later I realized it would work for the #FMSphotoaday prompt "Vegetable".
This is the purse my mom made me for my cruise!
Wanted to get my fingers manicured before cruising.
I dunno why. Doubt anyone will be paying attention to my fingers.
But they did need it; she really had to work on my cuticles!
When the sun shines, I walk outside!
Stopped for this one for the #FMSphotoaday prompt "Light".
Again, 2 days later, I was walking and noticed this on my way home.
Looked like Mt. Pilchuck was growing a cloud!
There was a time when I thought I would never care about taking pictures.
I thought because of my poor eyesight, I couldn't do it, or I
wouldn't be concerned with looking at pictures.

Just one of my many dumb thoughts.

As it turns out, pictures often help me see things CLEARER,
and looking back at my BABIES? Ooph.

I've shared this quote before. It says it so well.


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