February 5, 2014

Instagram Hearts January

A couple of times last year I shared my most hearted (liked) Instagram pictures in a month.
This year I'd like to do it every month.

Because photos help tell our stories.

For January 2014 I have six 'grams to share:

Frosty morning

The red PF Flyers I gave my daughter for Christmas
Me, fresh out of the shower, for the #FMSphotoaday prompt of "Natural".
I also tagged the #365feministselfie project.
I was a little surprised by how many hearts this one got!
I Instagrammed this one of my newborn AJ because of the post
I wrote about missing my babies.
This was my BFF's super fab birthday cake!
This was my view as my airplane descended into Seattle
when I came home from California.
Who doesn't love a good sunset!?

Do you use Instagram? What makes you heart a picture?


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