February 3, 2014

Fun Matters Too

I have seen this image on Facebook a couple of times recently and it's kind of pissing me off:

Look, I get it. People get very excited and riled up about sports. They might argue with those who like teams they don't, and possibly take the disagreement really personally. They might spend big bucks to go see games and buy memorabilia. One might think all that money could do a world of good if put to use elsewhere.

But to say sports fans and/or athletes don't also care about "things that actually matter" isn't fair.

I assume the "things that actually matter" are issues like politics, crime, hunger, education, war, etc. Yes, those things matter. Of course they do.

However, so does FUN. Letting go of all that heavy shit matters too. Getting to indulge in a release of happy, excited chemicals matters. Spending time with friends doing something you mutually enjoy matters. Camaraderie and fellowship matter. Putting a little focus on a TEAM instead of me, me, me all the time.

Not taking everything so bloody seriously matters.

All the big issues of the world will still be there after the game. I see nothing wrong with taking a few hours out of our stressful lives to root for our favorite teams and just have FUN.

What do you think?

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