May 5, 2013

Can't Buy Me Love

Yes you can, actually. I have great fondness for people who give me things.

Oh like you don't! Think about it. When someone buys you something you think they're pretty awesome for doing that which makes you feel good about that person. It makes you feel loved, doesn't it?

I rest my case.

Of course I know what the point really is....that the most important things in life aren't THINGS.


So what are some wonderful things that don't cost a dime?

This is kind of hard because, like, I wanted to say water, because I love the stuff, but water isn't actually free. It costs money to treat it and bring it to my home.

Or Twitter. Technically Twitter is free and I love it. However, you need to have an Internet connection to use it and access to the Internet costs money.

So, maybe not the sort of stuff I should be thinking of. I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed.

OK, ok, I got this!

10 Lovely Things That Cost Nothing

1. Hugs - good ones, not quick, obligatory ones. If you're gonna hug me, really hug me!

2. Compliments - they make people feel so good.

3. Walks - good for you, time to think.

4. Clouds - the sky is the canvas, clouds are the paint. I actually prefer a few clouds to completely clear skies.

5. A perfect spring day....70 degrees, sunny with a few clouds floating by, light breeze.

6. Sunsets - a beautiful sunset is what makes me feel the most grateful I can still see.

7. The way outside smells when it rains after it's been dry for awhile - sorta dirty and sorta clean at the same time.

8. Laughter - especially a child's.

9. My kids' long, pretty eyelashes - which they get from their father.

10. The quiet moment immediately after my son leaves for school in the morning - it's like this hush settling in and I have to debate with myself if I want it to stay quiet, or turn on some music.


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