April 14, 2013

West Coast Girl

After writing about what I was doing 10 years ago, and while standing in the shower, I realized something.

I have now been living in Washington, combined total years, longer than I lived in California.

I first lived in Washington from birth to 12 years old. I have been living in Washington again for nearly 10 years. That's 22 years. I lived in California for 17 years in between.

God. I remember the first time I could say I had been or done something for 10 years (as an adult). I felt old then! Now I'm talking about 17 and 22 years? And add those two numbers together? Gah!

I feel basically equal fondness for the two states I've called home. Leaving both was difficult. I left people, and a chapter of my life, behind both times.

Ooph. Typing that just made me tear up!

Five Things I Miss About California

1. All the sunshine you could ever want.

2. The most beautiful lake in the world (Lake Tahoe).

3. Great sourdough bread.

4. BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit.

5. Friends and family.

Five Things I Love About Washington

1. Nary a drought to speak of (even if certain people sometimes panic needlessly).

2. My son and I were born at the same hospital (he in a new building, but still).

3. Four distinct seasons.

4. I feel special living in the state where Starbucks and Amazon are headquartered.

5. Friends and family.

Both the Bay Area and Puget Sound are shaped similarly. There is water to the west and there are mountains to the east and I always know what direction I'm going. One freeway, I-5, runs through both states and it makes me feel like I'm still connected to California because of it.

I have always lived near bodies of water, and I suspect I always will.

So you see, when someone asks me where I'm from, it's kind of difficult to answer. I feel like I'm from both places. I suppose I have to say Washington officially. But I know there's more to it than that.

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