April 18, 2013

A Book About Bullies by a 7 Year Old

My son AJ wrote a little book about a bully in school.

One day John had a very, very bad day at school. He came home whining about his leg and after that his leg stopped hurting. He asked if he could have a cookie and his mom said, "No." But he got one anyway. He is very naughty and he is 7.

Then the next day at school John went to class. Then at 11:55, John went to lunch and after that he went to recess. John played soccer and after that John went in the class and packed. He went home.

At home, he asked if he could go to the park so his mom said, "Yes." So John went to the park. Then a boy named Parkersaid, "Get off my playground or give me a dollar."

Then John started to shake. The bully said, "Why are you still here when I told you to get out of here? In fact, GO AWAY!"

Then John shouted, "NO! You are not going to kick me out of the playground." Then John stood up to Parker and said, "Do not bully me any more." So the bully stopped bullying John and they became friends.

(He dedicated it to his sister Camryn. Not sure what that means.)

AJ's teacher gave this to us at our spring conference a few weeks ago. It was so cute how excited she was. She said, "Now THIS is something you're going to want to save with the keepsakes!"

"And mom will want to blog it", I said to my husband when we left.

Good job, kiddo!

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