February 7, 2013

Yesterday: A Post Script

Yesterday I posted about my conflicting feelings about how my life has unfolded. That I don't like to feel like life is hectic or busy, per se, but I also often feel held back and limited by my circumstances.

AFTER sharing this with you all, I saw my therapist, who explained what these kinds of feelings are: Ambivalence.

I had equated ambivalence with indifference until yesterday. The very last thing I feel is indifferent!
Ambivalence is a state of having simultaneous, conflicting feelings toward a person or thing.
I wish so much I had understood this before, so I wouldn't have spent so much time questioning myself and my feelings. Or feeling bad for them.

And on the same day I admit to the world that I sometimes feel like my life sucks, I click a link on Facebook and read:
Let go of the expectation that you have more than your fair share of crap to deal with. There are no shares. You don’t have a big pile of crap, you have life. Go live it.
From a blog post about how you can learn lessons about autism from The Princess Bride.

While I LOVE that movie, the post has absolutely nothing to do with me since I don't have an autistic child.

Yet it still spoke to me.

I just love that!

And I love how the Universe always helps me to learn the things I need to learn exactly when I need to. This is also a testament to the power of being open and expressing yourself. You just might get back something great.

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