January 3, 2013

Playing Games

Mark and I have been playing card games with our kids lately.

Grandparents taught Camryn and AJ some games while they had them in August. We've played many games of Go Fish since then.

While shopping for stocking stuffers last month I grabbed a pack of UNO for AJ's stocking because he seems to be the most enthusiastic about card games.

 The four of us played a rousing round of UNO last night. It was so fun!

We try to be so nice to each other, never wanting to use the draw four cards.

AJ got Camryn a travel Scrabble set which we've also played.

 There was a time when I thought we'd never be a game-playing family.

I've mentioned before how I'm not the mom who actually PLAYS with her kids. No Barbis or Legos for me. I'm of the mind that toys are for them to entertain themselves.

Mark will play video games with them all day long. I'm very hands-on in the cuddling department.

But now? They seem to be at such great ages. Camryn is just about 12 1/2 and AJ will be 7 this month. Gone are the boring Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders days. Now we can play better other games.

And I like it!

So for all you parents out there stuck in the little kid trenches, forcing yourself not to roll your eyes when your sweet cherub asks you to play baby dolls or trucks for the umpteenth time, I'm here to tell you things WILL change. And it will be awesome!

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