January 1, 2013

Guest Posts Needed

I need a favor.

My mother-in-law and niece are coming for a six day visit and I would like to take this opportunity to invite a couple guest posts.

It's kind of short notice. They will be here from the 9th to the 14th. I am thinking about two or three guest posts.

Hey, I'll have guests in my home AND on my blog!

That is, if any of you lovely people will step up and help a girl out.

I'm really easy.


You can write about whatever you want - I do! You don't even have to have a blog in a similar genre to mine. Maybe you have something in mind you could write about, but aren't sure it fits on your own blog. Lemme publish it! Don't even have a blog? Heck, I'm open to that too.

All I ask is that you'll help share the love on social media and interact with those who comment on your post.

I can even give you this handy-dandy image to include in a post on your blog:

If interested, please email me at jenannhallblog (at) gmail (dot) com. Or you can tweet me with questions.

Oh, and Happy New Year!

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