December 5, 2012

I Love These Ladies

I have somehow managed to make some pretty amazing friends in my life. I have a BFF who has known and loved me since we were in high school together. Ever since, we have maintained a strong long-distance relationship.

I made a very special friend when I moved to the Bay Area. Someone who has gone through many of the same things I have, who will probably always understand a good deal of what it's like to be me.

Then there are the women who have taken pieces of my heart over the last 9 years. We started out having only motherhood and marriage in common. As the years have progressed we have bonded over so many other things.

We've been with each other through births, deaths, medical problems, anxiety, depression, holidays, weddings, birthdays, buying homes, changing jobs....LIFE. We're witnessing each other's children growing up, comparing notes and horror stories. They make me a better mother.

These women who have become constants in my life are so important to me. They have their own little spaces in my heart, and always will have.

I cannot tell you how amazing it was to have them by my side -- literally -- when I gave birth to AJ.  The two times Mark has nearly died, they were right there, stuck to me, making sure I was taken care of, hard-pressed to leave when they had to. Some of the most touching things they've done have involved my children, being there for them so I knew they were in good, loving hands.

There's all the big deal, important life stuff that makes us friends, but there's also a lot of FUN. They are crazy gals with great senses of humor and sass.

We have been doing Wine Club Wednesdays for the past few months. We had an 80s night last week in honor of "Rock of Ages" coming out on video. Also, we're all at some point in our 30s, so we have some fond memories....

I'm right in the middle - see how much they love me?
Desperately Seeking.....Something?
Sportin' the blue eye shadow!
What can I say? Her ass was sticking out!
Whoa, this is heavy.
Legwarmers galore!
Oh yeah, we had wine!
Good friends are there for the serious stuff....and for the serious fun!

When I'm with my friends I feel loved and accepted. I feel like they were meant to be in my life every bit as much as my husband. I trust them. I adore them.

Life seems to have gotten quite a bit busier lately, but I hope they know -- really know -- how very much I love them, and that I feel so privileged that they care for me.

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