December 6, 2012

Gay Pot Day

Today is a big day in Washington state.

It is the day that both the legalization of same-sex marriage and recreational marijuana use go into effect.

I'm calling it "Gay Pot Day". Catchy, isn't it?

I am neither gay nor do I smoke pot. But I voted yes on both of these issues.

I must admit, I wasn't always cool with gay marriage. For a long time I looked at it through religious eyes. But over the years I have come to see that WE make marriage what WE want it to be. Some people have a religious ceremony, some do not. WE place that on it. Essentially marriage is only a civil, legal arrangement between two people. WE put love and/or religious beliefs into it. There was a time when marriages were negotiated for land. That's neither romantic nor religious.

So now I feel that marriage should be allowed for ANY two people who want to make a life-long commitment to each other.

I bet these two have been waiting a long time!
As of 7:00 this morning King County had issued 279 marriage licenses to same-sex couples since midnight. They are so excited and happy! How can anyone think this is a bad thing?

The marijuana law is a little trickier. Washington voted to legalize and tax pot use, not only for medicinal purposes anymore. Problem is, the federal government still doesn't like it. As of the 11:00 news last night there was talk of a "smoke out" under the Space Needle to celebrate the new law, even though smoking pot in public can result in a fine just like having an open container of alcohol in public.

It's all a little convoluted I suppose, but I think still a step in the right direction. Really, the feds just need to pull their heads out and get over it. Drug USE really shouldn't be criminalized and the government could bring in so much revenue through taxing drugs. Revenue that could be funneled to SCHOOLS. I don't care where the money comes from, they just need the money.

Also? I believe marijuana to be a very benign drug. Further, I believe it to be MUCH healthier than cigarettes. One could argue for outlawing those. But I won't go there.

So, Happy Gay Pot Day, Washington! Or, Queer Weed Day, as my husband put it.

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  1. I feel pretty much the same as you.... may as well embrace change!