November 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving 2012 I am thankful for:

The number  one thing, after last March, my husband still being here
to celebrate another Thanksgiving with us.

My beautiful, bright, healthy children.
They light up my life, and without them I would not be whole.

Our cozy little home.
(In spite of any roof leaks.)

My parents.

My extended family which includes two grandmthers still living,
aunts, uncles and cousins, as well as my in-laws,
including Mark's 90 year old sainted grandmother.

The delicious food my husband will cook today.

My dad being here for us, and us for him.

The bigger picture.
Having faith that there is reason and purpose
and much to be learned.


The lovely people we call our Friends.

Walking, Wine and Whipped Cream.

YOU lovely people who are my online friends!

I wish you a THANKFUL  and yummy Thanksgiving!

And leave you with my son singing a song he learned at school:

Dinner Bells
Dasing through our food
With a knife and a fork so fast,
Corn and peas do go, while through
my throat they pass.
Into my tummy the plop.
Making growling stop.
Oh what fun it is to eat and eat until we drop!
Oh dinner bells, shotgun shells,
turkey got away.
What are we supposed to do on this Thanksgiving Day-ay?
Dinner bells, shotgun shells,
turkey got away.
What are we supposed to do on our Thanksgiving Day!


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