October 11, 2012

A Latte Bloggy Love

I think I've made my love of coffee crystal clear, yes?

Warm, comforting, energizing....

Since I take my coffee sweet and creamy, I enjoy a good latte. And because I'm trying to take better care of my health, I was thrilled to learn that drinking a latte made with fat free milk delivers NINE essential nutrients. Not only that, but milk costs only $.25 per eight ounce serving. Which means....making a latte at home is a great way to save money and give yourself a treat at the same time.

You don't even need to have a fancy espresso machine to do it. You can heat milk on the stove and use a whisk to create foam! Don't believe me? Go try it! MilkMustache.com's "The Breakfast Project" offers several flavored latte recipes.

So, when the #LatteLove folks asked what blogs I like to read with my morning coffee I immediately started forming a mental list. I mean, I have liked many on Facebook and I probably follow even more on Twitter, not to mention those in my Reader....

Oy, my list could be very long! I mean, there are WAY more blogs out there than I even know about. So I gotta throw a little disclaimer out there, that those I list today are simply the ones I've gotten to know fairly well, and have become a staple in my blog reading. Doesn't mean I don't like others. OK? OK.

1. Guaranteed to make me LOL is The Sarcasm Goddess' For the Love of Writing. Obviously. Not to mention she's my long lost little sister.

2. Someone who loves coffee even more than me is Amy the Coffee Lovin' Mom. She may even think lattes are for sissies.

3. When I'm looking for a slightly quirky take on things, it's gotta be the robot mommy. I secretly love that Kristi is a little bit older than me.

4. I enjoy making lists because of my neighbor, Stasha at The Good Life. Seriously, not just Listicles, but other lists too like this one.

5. Jamie at Chosen Chaos keeps me motivated to exercise. And she has some adorable kids.

6. g*funk*ified Greta has a heart of gold. And some more cute kids.

7. I've "met" many Canadians since I began blogging and one whom I've really come to care about is Jenn at Fox in the City.

8. Speaking of Canadians, my Canuck BFF is Les (or Rory? that really confuses me) at Time Out for Mom. She's sweet and funny and even kinda wise.

9. Another neighbor here in Washington is Stasha at Ponderings of a Middle Aged Mom, who also has a Diabetic husband experiencing complications.

10. And for some good food, my bloggy protege and BFF, Jen at Mom Rocks Mealtime is the bomb!

Of course there are many others I follow, but like I said, I can't possibly list them ALL. Why do I feel so bad about it??

So, you see that latte mug up there? The other side looks like this:

You want one, don't you? Today's your lucky day, because I get to give away a Latte @ Home care package just like the one I received (a mug and a coupon for free milk)!

(Oh, the winner's mug won't say "just JENNIFER's Reading List" on it.)

Enter away!

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  1. So awesome!! Thank you for including my old butt on this list ;). Love to you and all the other amazing bloggers in this group!