September 3, 2012

Yes, you have to go back to school.

I loved school when I was a kid. The first day of school was so exciting. I even dressed up for it when I was in elementary school.

My kids? Not so much. I mean, I think they think it's kinda cool, but if they have any feelings of liking it, they hide it well. When I would bring the subject up over the summer, AJ would pretty much ignore me.

When I mentioned that we needed to get him a backpack, he actually asked, "What for?"

I said, "Um, for school, dude." He replied, "Oh."

I've been trying to convince him of how much cooler first grade will be than kindergarten was, that he's a big kid now, going to school all day just like the rest of the kids, and that he gets to eat lunch there with his friends. I tell him how smart I know he is and how much he's going to learn this year. 

AJ does love to learn, but he is a serious playing kid too. Gotta play Xbox, ride his bike, learn to skateboard, hang with friends. He just doesn't like that school means less time for all that.

10 Things I'm Thinking About as Back-to-School Approaches

1. I'm a wee bit concerned about the District's readiness this year. They haven't yet finalized the school year calendar. Camryn's middle school decided to use a new scheduling software, so they didn't have class schedules ready on orientation day. And they made the first day the 5th instead of the 4th.

2. AJ is super excited that his kindergarten teacher moved to first grade and he was placed in her class again this year. He thinks Mrs. V is the best! I'm sure this helps him feel like first grade might be OK.

3. I am trying to contain my excitement that my kids will both be gone until nearly 4:00 every afternoon. Well, every day that is a regular school day. Because, let's face it, there are a lot of no school and half days too.

4. Now if I could just get Home Depot to schedule Mark's hours during the week more.....

5. As much as I look forward to my beloved offspring being out of the house most days, it really is a bittersweet thing. School is a whole chunk of my kids' lives that is completely separate from me. It's THEIR own thing. I can ask how their day was and what they did till I'm blue in the face, but they often don't share many details.

6. AJ will get on the bus at 8:54 and I will go for a walk at 9:00!

7. I asked Camryn what she hopes for 7th grade, and she said, "That she gets an elective." I asked if she'll be OK if she doesn't, to which she replied, "Yeah, I guess." Please, oh please, let her have passed the stupid standardized test last spring! Or, better yet, let them have done away with that terrible rule.

8. Camryn needs new shoes because she's a freaking size 6 1/2 now!

9. I'm going to try to get myself to an eye doctor in order to start the process of getting me some new glasses. I haven't had my eyes looked at since we moved to Washington over 9 years ago, and I've had my current pair of glasses even longer. I know, I know! It just hasn't been a priority.

10. It's time to tweek our sleep schedules. Have to get up earlier, so we have to go to bed earlier.

This is the very first year since Camryn started school that I felt like summer flew by. It's been real. It's been fun. Now I'm eager to begin this new chapter in our lives. My hope is that my kids will learn lots and that I will be ready, and even excited, to help them with their homework each afternoon.

Wish us luck for staying motivated and organized!

PS: My other monthly link-up, Did You Know? is happening tomorrow - Friday!


  1. This summer really did fly by, didn't it? Two of my kids were ready for school, the other notsomuch.

  2. I can't even tell you the last time I thought of back to school, I guess my senior year of high school! It will be so different once my kids go. Hope Cameron and AJ have a great day!

  3. This summer just disappered for me too. That pic of AJ is adorable. Hope you all get back in the swing of things with no problems.

  4. Tweaking the schedules is soooo hard! I can't believe how the summer flew by this year. Love the photo!

  5. I can't believe the 7th graders don't have their schedules yet! That is going to be NUTS!! Good for you for scheduling your walking..I hope to do the same :)

  6. We're already back in school here! My oldest girl's feet suddenly grew this summer, too - she's a size 7, just like me. We meant to start making them wake up earlier the week before school started, but...we didn't. So it was rough last week! I'm off to check out the post about getting an elective because that sounds crazy...

  7. For as long as I can remember when I ask my daughter how school is, I have gotten the "Fine" or "OK". Drives me bonkers. And when I try to dig deeper to find out anything specific? OMG. It's like trying to get info out of a spy. . .


    My 10 year old wears a size 8 women's shoe. No BS. The girl has got boats for feet.

  8. I do hope that your school year transitions easily and your Camryn has the schedule she hopes for!
    All the best for a great year, and if nothing else, enjoy the days to yourself!

  9. That is great that AJ has the same teacher again!! And yeay for you. It is the moment all of us SAHMs are looking forward to: an 8 to 4 :)

  10. I think my kids lost the memo that back to school is fun too. I love that your little guy gets his teacher again. That is so cool. Erin

  11. AJ sounds like my boy....he practically dove at the Wii as soon as he came in the door. He does love his boy play.
    Daughter on the other hand can't wait to get to school....oh my goodness mom - all the people I can talk to. and talk and talk and talk. I give it 4 days and I'm hauled in for parent/teacher meeting.