September 18, 2012

Men, and the women who blog about them

I am a woman and I am married to a man.

And I blog about him and us.

A lot.

Mark is a HUGE source of blog fodder!

I think he should be proud of that.

Because, as my friend Carin would say, blogging has become my "love language". If I write it and put it out there to the vast Interwebs, I mean it, I put thought and effort into it and I care about it.

I have expressed how much I love my husband, how much I worry about him and the ways in which he annoys me. I've shared how much he's taught me and what I've learned about marriage.

Every single bit of it, is out of love.

I think Mark knows this. He's even written a post of his own!

I mean, I may not have told him about the annoying habits post. But I promise I'm pretty sure I think I hope he would totally get it.

Admittedly, when I first really started getting into blogging he didn't completely get it. He was all, "Why?" and "How come people wanna read about your life?"

As time goes by, however, the more he sees the connections I make, the support I've been given, the things I learn and the opportunities I'm presented with....

In fact, he just told me he thinks it's great. That he gets that I need the outlet and that I might have something to say that others will relate to or learn from. He's proud of the post I wrote about dialysis, and he understands that being a blogger is important to me.

I have to say I really appreciate that, because sometimes I'm not sure some people take what I'm doing here seriously. Like it's just a hobby. Yeah, that's as true as saying I'm just a SAHM. Very few things in life are just anything.

But your blog title is "just Jennifer", you say?

Oh come on! That's totally different and you know it! It's a catchy play on words. DUH.

So yeah. I blog about my husband and he's cool with it. He claims to be an "open book". I don't know about that because I don't know any men who are overly open. But whatever, he can think that if wants. ;-)

If you blog, do you know how your "subjects" feel about it?

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