July 20, 2012

TGIF: Just July

Hello lovely people who read my blog! It's....

This is the 45th TGIF and I have to admit, I'm getting a little burned out on it.

Not burned out on HAPPINESS, of course. Never that!

Just the weekly commitment of writing a post or having a guest and hosting a link-up. A link up that's not even a huge hit.

And that's OK. I understand that Fri-Sun seem to be pretty iffy blogging days for most. I don't take it personally.

Unless I should. Should I? Do people not like me enough to link up with me? Is there something wrong with my blog? Does it have cooties?

Pfft. Whatever. People just aren't as happy as I am. Yeah, I bet that's it! Ssh ssh, there there, blog, my precious, don't listen to those meanies....

Moving on!

So, I have one more guest lined up for next week and I haven't asked anyone for August yet, so I think it's a good time to stop keeping up with this little meme.

In the meantime....July is usually a pretty good month around here, and this one is no exception.

We had the 4th of July:

Camryn's birthday:

Our anniversary:


An outing with Grampa

This bowl of watermelon makes me happy!

And yesterday? I decided there was no good reason why I shouldn't be able to mow the lawn if I feel the need (and if Mark isn't up to it). I turned to twitter for help with starting the lawnmower. One of the people helping was my BFF @MomRocksMeals who, after the deed was done, offered, "You came, you mowed, you kicked some grass!"

Hahahaha! I am pretty proud of myself. Both Mark and my dad said I did a good job. I'm still afraid to grill, though.

Now it's your turn to spread the HAPPY!
Write. Button. Link.

PS: If you're interested in helping to feed the hungry, especially kids during the summer, please check out my Fruit for All Project Giveaway. I'll be drawing the winner of 400 meals donated to their local food bank tomorrow morning!


  1. I will link up with you for these last couple times, lady!!! I love Fridays! :)

  2. It looks like you've had a great month so far! I get it about the commitment, though. This is my favorite place to be on Fridays, when I've gotten around to writing something!

  3. Awe I love TGIF! But I get taking a break. And great job mowing the lawn! I love mowing the lawn. I think I am the only girl in the neighborhood that does it too. There's something calming about just listening to the mower, and seeing the job you did. Happy rainy, thundery (is that a word) and lightening Friday!

  4. wish I could be as happy on this TGIF... :)

  5. I'm the one who always mows the lawn. I've always enjoyed it. Better than cleaning inside, get some exercise and it looks so clean and neat afterwards! I leave the grilling to the pro, tho.

  6. typical...I'm always late to the party that's about to end :(

    but it is Friday and I won't let it get me down! and you are so my hero....I have unnatural fear of lawnmowers and bbq's too. I'm pretty convinced I will lose a toe or 2 with the first, and blow up the deck with the second. ha ha
    lovely pics and may the rest of your summer be just as lovely!

  7. You're funny. I was feeling a little burned out on Life's Lessons. I did like it, but it seemed like a lot of people weren't interested either. I will have to remember to link with you next week. Please remind me. :)