June 29, 2012

TGIF: By Word of Mouth Edition

Playing TGIF leapfrog means it's a guest post week!

This week I bring you a homeschooling, adoptive mom, Nicole of By Word of Mouth Musings. She blogs about pretty much every aspect of her life, and has a very cute and unique blog design. She doesn't know this, but it was Nicole who inspired me to start making cute, pin-able quote graphics for my posts (one of hers is included below).

As you will see, it would make Nicole happy if it were easier to set good examples for our kids....

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Thank you for saying HI to me over here in the bloghome of Just Jennifer.  Her tagline is so true of life, it is so honest - since it really is a roller coaster, don't you think? Mine sure is, each and every day.

Anyway, I thought that while my blogname is By Word of Mouth Musings 
(yes, I really want to change it) 
I thought today I would write a post on the 'words we use'.
As in do you Talk that Talk, but then you do not Walk that Walk?

I do. I admit it. So very often. I tell my children right from wrong all of the time, and tell them why they should behave in a certain way. But do I always set a good example? No, I really do not. Sometimes, honestly, they are just empty words. So guilty of the 'do as I say and really not as I do' ... at all. Like so many other parents out there who are really just not going the full distance.. And let me clarify,  I don't just mean where I tell the kids there is not going to be any kind of snack before a meal, you know, because we are eating really soon. Then I sneak a chocolate cookie out of our pantry (please tell me that you do that too)  I mean the times where I tell them that if you don't have anything nice or positive to say about a person or a friend, then perhaps you should just keep it all to yourself. Then I find myself on the phone with a friend doing exactly that about someone else that I know. Or that little chat recently with the police officer lady who objected to my being in the handicapped area on my cellphone - I told her I was looking down at directions, but she kindly offered to give a $250.00 fine none the less. The girlfriend on the other side of the phone thought it was quite hilarious, and my kids were truly amused - but really I had just shown them right there and then that it was okay to lie when it suited.

Our kids need to see us Walk the Walk, from when they are really tiny, itty bitty little things. We definitely teach them every single day by the example we set.

They mimic us from the very moment they smile back at us, when they do that oh so cute backwards wave, and play a game of peek a boo. They watch us all of the time, and they learn from us too. Look here while Mom takes a big bite out of this supah healthy apple. Look here while Mom is washing her hands before dinner. Look here at Mom. Yes, look at Mom.

Now look at Mommy as she ignores that voice on the housephone. Don't get it. Don't pick it up right now. I just don't have time to chat with that person for the next hour. See Mommy as she glazes over while looking at her own phone. And while she ignores that little face waiting for her attention.

Little white lies and yes, we use them all of the time. Sometimes, let us be honest here, we even want to hear them.  Like that lie I expect my husband to tell me when I know my pants are just a little snug - I want to hear that my butt is adorable. I encourage him to lie, yes, its quite sad really.

And so is our walk in faith. We are there in the talk, but not always in the walk..  We pray only when we really desire something, and then not even every day.  When the going gets a little tough for us, then we turn to God. Usually only when we finally hit a wall. This right here, is what we are showing our children. So let us pledge to make a difference. Right here and right now.

Do you ever use that old saying, that all Mom's have eyes right there in the back of their heads. Yes, we do  and we always know everything that is going on.  Instead you can just use this one ... The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good. (Proverbs 15:3)

My children have sure heard THAT one often enough ... it is also time to remind myself. Always ...
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Definitely good stuff to think about. Wouldn't it be so nice if our kids never noticed the naughtier things we sometimes do? Sigh.

Now it's your turn. Write up some happy, grab the button and link away!
Don't forget to visit Nicole's place too!


  1. OMGoodness, ten pm is no time to be getting online for the very first time in your day ... so saying TGIF is absolutely perfect for me.
    Now let me go tell people about my luck at being a guest over here today and thank you for having me (and pin away, its addicting!!!)

  2. Truer words have not been spoken. I try so hard to set a good example for my children but yes, like you, I know it's not always enough. I can only keep trying and doing better the next time... because in the end we are "only" human!!!!