June 26, 2012

Talking about my body (on my blog!) forces me outside my comfort zone.

This is difficult for me.

But I really want to do it.

Because now....now it seems to be important. On so many levels.

Just before my birthday this year I found out that my serum cholesterol is "marginally high".

I guess this means it's not dangerously high, but is outside what doctors consider to be healthy.

Let me just say right here, that I'm not planning to disclose actual numbers. Not my cholesterol level, and especially not my weight.

I'll tell you my age all day long. I'm 38. There is, however, something different about a woman's (and maybe a man's too) weight. I believe most people to be far more judgmental about a person's weight than their age.

Not only that, but I don't think the number on the scale is the be all, end all in how people should feel about their bodies. In fact, it's kind of a pet peeve of mine. I get very irritated with people who feel like talking about their weight all the time.

Sure, the number on the scale is important to doctors in looking at contributing factors to any medical problems you may be experiencing. And personal trainers and nutritionists have all these calculations they like to make using your height, weight, BMI and whatnot. Fine. Whatever. None of that is where I'm coming from, or will ever care about.

What is of concern to me is my HEALTH and how I FEEL in my own skin. Last on the list is vanity. But yes, it is on the list. You would all call foul on me if I didn't admit that!

Here's the bottom line: I'm 38 years old, overweight and need to lower my cholesterol for the health of my heart. I had gestational diabetes in both of my pregnancies which increases my chances of developing type 2 diabetes. DIABETES, people! The very disease that is slowly killing my husband. I can't have it! I won't have it. Not only that, but heart attack and stroke run in my family. Family that I am blood related to. These are not small things.

When I found out my cholesterol had crept up, just as with having gestational diabetes, I immediately thought of the welfare of my children. With a chronically ill father, they need their mom to be the healthiest she can be.

I want to be the healthiest I can be.

Since April I have reintroduced breakfast back into my diet (the most important meal of the day!), am drinking a little more water and am eating less of the bad stuff I enjoy. I've decided I don't love french fries that much. More recently, I have begun exercising at least every other day. Nothing extreme; more like small steps. That's just how I roll.

Why am I telling you all this? Honestly I probably wouldn't be if it weren't for an opportunity I have been given to be provided with a 90 day supply of a diet support product to see if it might help me with my weight loss endeavors.

I am going to be trying Diet 1234™ from Creative Bioscience. I have chosen this product because:
Diet 1234™ is for modern dieters who want to lose weight without constantly counting calories and exercising all day. It is a revolutionary diet supplement designed to provide energy and promote weight loss naturally using key herbal extracts clinically supported to aid weight loss. Dieters face fatigue and food cravings as they eat less to slim down, and Diet 1234™ addresses these important issues.
I want to start making better dietary choices and this sounds like something that will help me do that.

Obviously I have already begun making changes to better my health. I will simply keep that up, while adding the supplement. I think this should make it easy for me to see if it is helping me or not.

And yes, I will periodically check what my weight actually is in order to know for sure if the things I am doing are causing me to shed some pounds.

So please, wish me luck!

PS: If any of my blogging friends would like to join me on this journey, you can click HERE to read the details and apply!


  1. Good luck Jen! We will be there to support you as you go.

  2. Good luck!!! I've always battled my weight...and battled with finding the motivation to do something about it. I've gotten down to a size 8 and then had the rug ripped out from under me (stairs actually) and now I'm back up to a size 16!! Keep us posted on your progress!!!

  3. Good for you, Jen! You can do it! As someone who is trying to make healthier choices, I will say it's not the easiest thing in the world. It's always hard to start, but it gets easier (I hear...I hope!) Keep us posted!

    1. There are just too many good things out there!

  4. YAY!! Good for you..I feel like it's harder now that I'm over that 40 hump - I'm sure that's just me. Definitely keep us posted as to how it works, I'm curious

    1. What? That's not just you! Everyone knows metabolism slows with age. Fat is like a guest who won't leave!

  5. Good for you! I also had GD during 2 of my pregnancies. And all my babies were over 9 1/2 lbs -- eldest boy being 10 lbs 8 oz!!! Hence the C section - and the 2 that followed the first. It's been a hard road getting back into shape - especially being on the other side of 40, but I am striving forward too. And I never get on a scale either - I judge by how I feel and the fit of my clothes. I don't want to be hung up on a number.
    If you ever need an encouraging word....just give a shout!

    1. I was lucky enough that my babies didn't get that big. ooph to the 10 lbs! Thanks so much for the encouragement!