March 9, 2012

TGIF: Not Perfect BEES Edition

First, I'm sure those who have been following along with me this week and know about my husband's current health crisis would like an update. He is still in critical care. He has gotten a little better since Wednesday, responding to antibiotics for pneumonia. However, his heart is still very sick. The goal for today is to wean him off IV meds and replace them with pills. Last time they did that, on Monday, he ended up having to go back on a breathing tube. There is apparently an issue with the stomach lining in diabetics that can prevent them from properly absorbing things. We are hoping so hard that he can be on the pills!

* * *

I hope you all don't think I'm crazy for going through with my regular TGIF post. I didn't last week. But this week is a very busy TGIF. I have a guest here.....and I'm a guest somewhere. It's all a little convoluted, I think. But like I said in my guest post for....wait for it......Let's BEE Friends (squee!), even in the face of crisis life is still going on around you, and you have to go on with it.
Let's BEE Friends

See why I couldn't not post today? Bruna is featuring me for Let's BEE Friends! So, PLEASE go over there and see what I have to say to her awesome readers....AFTER you read on below....

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I also have a FABULOUS lady gal woman chic here to regale you with what makes her happy. I am beyond thrilled that Holly from Holly's House agreed to be here today! She is so freaking funny. And kind of irreverent. And a little ballsy. I love her. Oh, and she has a brand new blog design, so you gotta go check it out!

When sweet Jennifer asked me to write for her about what makes me happy, it really took me a while to get to it. And not just because I'm a lazy ass who somehow has to take care of a household with four children and a husband, but because so many things make me on Earth could I pick just one? I felt like that would be the same as lying to you fine fine folks, and I never tell a lie*...

So my solution? A list! If you know me-and if you don't may I just interject right here and ask why the fuck not?- then you know I love me a good here you go...

1. Padded seats at church. Yes, my church has them....because there's nothing like cushioning the strain that religious devotion can bring upon one's soul...

2. Two ply toilet paper. This totally makes me happy. And I'll admit it's not something I think of often, yet the other day I was a friend's house and my poor vagina was subject to that grainy, not soft, harsh harsh paper. I'm a hard working woman and I deserve two ply...

3. Those weird ingrown hairs on your legs. Do you know what I'm talking about? Like when you shave and those hairs get trapped under the skin on your calf? And then when you're sitting on the couch watching True Life on MTV you notice one but can't quite get it, so you get a needle and dig it out? Then you notice a bunch more because your razor was dull and by the time the show is over your leg looks massacred? Yeah, that makes me happy...

4. Hoarders. I love me some Hoarders. Hoarders make me happy. And not because I want people to live with 40 dead cats under the 20 tons of old bills and banana peels or with 2 year old fossilized poop in their non working toilet, but because my cluttery home all of a sudden looks like it could be Architectural Digest. Do I have crunched up goldfish on the kitchen floor? Sure do. Do I have smears of toothpaste on the walls in the kid's bathroom? You bet your sweet ass I do. But I don't have a room filled exclusively with used adult diapers that are years old...let's all say it together....eeewwwwww!

5. Other people telling me how great I am. Like Jennifer. Like when she emailed me and asked if I would guest for her because she loves me and adores me....sure, maybe the person she really wanted cancelled, but whatever...true sucking up or total fake sucking up? Doesn't matter to this makes me happy...

What makes you happy? And feel free to say me...ahem...

*that's totally a lie

* * *

Um, Holly, there was nobody else I wanted for today who cancelled, my friend! And if you had said naa, writing a post about stuff that makes me happy is really not something I want to do, I probably would've cried. And maybe hated you forever.* But you said yes and here you are and everyone is happy!

*or not, I dunno, one can't predict these things

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It's always good etiquette when you join a link-up to check out the other posts, leave comments and such, right? Well, I especially need you guys to do me the favor of doing that this week, since I will be indisposed dealing with my life. Thank you so much!


  1. Holly, I absolutely adore you (and my own obsession with two ply toilet paper!)
    XOXOXO, Heidi

  2. I'm still new to Holly's blog but she cracks me up everytime!

  3. Hoarders does make you feel really normal all of a sudden, doesn't it? ;)