October 29, 2011

Things I've Done and Stuff...

Obviously the next logical thing to do after listing 22 things I have NOT done is to list 22 more things that I HAVE done.

Logically.  As the lovely Mr. Spock would say.

I have....

1. Always lived near a body of water.

2. Been pregnant 3 times, but only have 2 children.

3. Had 3 eye surgeries.

4. Traveled pretty much the entire length of I-5 through Washington, Oregon and California.

5. Gone up to the top of the Space Needle more than once.

6. Taken my own religious path, choosing to be Baptized and Confirmed as an Anglo-Catholic in my early 20s.

7. Cried every single time I watch Steel Magnolias, Beaches, Titanic, Armageddon, PS I Love You and The Return of the King (there are probably others; I'm a huge sap).

8. Chose to read Gone with the Wind in high school for extra credit, and loved it.

9. Given birth to one baby without pain relief and one with.

10. Quite literally lived at the UCSF hospital for a week after Mark had his transplant.

11. Snuck into a second movie after only buying tickets to one.

12. Walked on the Golden Gate Bridge.

13. Had the most delicious meal while watching the most beautiful sunset.

14. Taken several college courses.

15. Learned how to scrapbook, knit and crochet even though my eyesight sucks.

16. Got my very first period while camping in Yosemite.

17. Been taken to the hospital in an ambulance holding my 7 month old baby after totaling our car (only soft tissue damage to my arm; yay for Volvos!).

18. Learned through my mistakes.

19. Been suspended from school for drinking alcohol on a band trip.

20. Eaten conch, shark and escargot.  Conch was really good.

21. Made it down a black diamond ski run alive as only a beginner.

22. Fought hard and loved hard.

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  1. What a perfect list!!

    I have done some of these too. Buying one movie ticket and staying for two? Many times.

    I was also suspended for calling a teacher a "bitch". Two days!

    I really need to read "Gone With the Wind".