November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011... & NaBloPoMo

Happy November!

Let me just say that I am hoping with all my heart that November will be better than October.  Mark will get more work hours back (with a handsome new smile) and everyone I love will stay alive.  Then we will have a fabulous Thanksgiving.  From my my God's ears, right?  Right!

To prove my hopefulness I have decided to participate in National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo.  Not coincidentally, November is also National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.  Because just like the early Christians horning in on Pagan festivals with Easter and Christmas, bloggers want to flex their posting muscles the same as writers flexing their writing muscles.  And there are prizes.

My sidebar is now sporting this very nice graphic proclaiming me as a NaBloPoMo-er.

This shouldn't be too difficult for me to pull off considering I often have to force myself NOT to post some days.  Seriously, WHO KNEW I had so much to say??  I guess after 35 years of being quiet this is what happens.

So, my dear readers, I hope you will support me in this endeavor.  It would make me SO happy if you'd leave comments on whichever posts you read.  In fact, as I push myself to post every day this month, I challenge you to not be a lurker.  Even if all you do is say Hi.

* * * * *

Now, so this post isn't just all about ME and silly NaBloPoMo, I will regale you with costumes and jack-o-lanterns....just in case you're not totally sick of them yet!

"Cheerless Leader" Camryn
"Skeleton Reeper" AJ
The kids' jack-o-lanterns.
Like how the big one's got a crooked smile?

Now I shall dutifully link-up these a-mah-zing Halloween photos with those crazy types who love this sort of thing...

Howlerific Halloween!

So, here's to getting through October! Here's to Blogging!
And here's to you!


  1. LOVE the pics and look at you go girl with a month of writing ... cannot wait to see what you produce!

  2. love the cheerless leader costume...that is awesome. great pumpkins too.

    Good for you joining the writing challenge! I'm not sure I could do it..very admiring!

  3. the "cheerless" leader is brilliant
    Good luck on the writing challenge

  4. I support you here from the sidelines! Bravo! You go!
    I thought about doing it but I should really be writing my novel and now that you mentioned national novel writing month - wha? Gotto go find it.

  5. I wish you luck on your every day blogging endeavor! I hope it will be a good start to you having a very happy November!

  6. Good luck to you! I will stop by as often as I can. And I love the crooked smile!

  7. Your daughter is so cute!

    Good luck with NaBloPoMo!!

  8. Love the cheerleading full of attitude, lucky you :). Good luck with NaBloPoMo!

  9. Good luck, sweetie! You'll do great!