September 30, 2011

TGIF: Head Shaking Edition

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I have had one of those weeks in which things that make you go Hmmm have happened.  Like, things that just made me shake my head.

So, I'm going to focus on the funniness of these things.

On Monday, Mark officially began the process of having all this teeth pulled and getting dentures.

No, he's not 60 years old or anything.  He's 42, but not only was he born with weak tooth enamel, his myriad health problems have also contributed to quite a bit of tooth decay.  We all know now that unhealthy teeth can contribute to health problems such as heart disease, can see why this is probably the best way for him to go.

But O-M-G!  It's so funny because he's only 42 and I'm only 37 and...dentures?  Really?  Hahahaha & *shaking head*!

Also on Monday, Camryn came home without any clue as to what she was supposed to do for homework.  She claimed she went to the bathroom when the teacher explained it.  I pointed out that she needed to then ASK the teacher or a fellow student what she missed.

Hello, child!  My children's lack of common sense is a continuous source of amusement to me.  So since she was totally lame about her homework, I made her fold AND put away her clean clothes all by herself.  Hahahaha & *shaking head*.

On Wednesday I completely spaced that it was early release day.  Thankfully I was sitting in a quiet house (no TV or music on) and heard AJ's bus coming.  I hi-tailed it outside in a t-shirt, pajama bottoms and birks.  Hahahaha & *shaking head*.

Oh, and earlier on Wednesday, Mark was getting ready to leave for work and turned on the kitchen faucet to rinse his travel cup out noticing that we had very little water pressure.  We both stood there as the water slowly...just....stopped....running.

Uh, WTF water?  Why did you stop?

Mark looked at me questioningly and asked if I had paid the city utility bill.

Um...yes!  I paid....half....was waiting for more money to pay the rest.  Kinda thought they'd warn us if they were close to shutting it off.

Apparently not.

We went outside and, lo and behold, there was this laminated orange card sticking out from where the water meter lives.


We took care of it, but it was still gonna be awhile before the water got turned back on.  I thought, oh well, guess this means I don't have to run any laundry right now!

Way to be positive, right?

Hahahaha & *shaking head*!

Lastly, after the #WaterBillDebacle, Home Depot decided to cut hours this week.

We obviously don't need LESS money.

But after the other silly mishaps of the week I can only.... Hahahaha & *shake head*.

But people, if you have any home projects on your list, I encourage you to go to your local Home Depot to buy your supplies.  Please and thank you.

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  1. You paid half and they shut it off? wow...I totally would have thought they'd be cool with that...
    and really babe, talk about a hell of a week...

  2. I think it's been a heck of a week for a lot of people! Thank goodness it's over and the weekend is here in full swing.

    Not having to do the laundry certainly we be positive enough for me. You know, until I realized that I had to do more when the water was turned back on. (I hope I didn't ruin your positive.) Sorry!!

  3. Actually it has been a good week...other than this cold I just can't seem to shake!