August 3, 2011

My Babies Aren't Babies Anymore

Of course I knew this day would come. But knowing something is coming doesn’t necessarily make it any easier.

My kids growing up is in no way as hard as, say, a death, but there is a sense of loss involved. It is a change, and every change needs to be processed.

My daughter was a slow talker, but oh how I loved the way she would pronounce things. Flower was “fwow-wow” and hot dog was “ga-gog”. I never want to forget things like that!

My son is was a thumb-sucker and hair player-with-er. It has been really special to have my little boy sit in my lap sucking his thumb and playing with my hair, so happy and content. But he is earnestly trying to kick this habit because he’s a big kid now. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t missing it just a little.

My beautiful daughter Camryn is now 11 years old and heading into middle school in a month. She is a full-on Tween, at the stage of childhood where she is a goofy little girl one moment and then a young lady the next. She has ADD so she is slightly less mature than most of her peers, but she is still well on her way. She just became a Girl Scout Cadette and is currently attending her 2nd year at horse camp. She got her love of horses from my mother. Apparently it skips a generation!

I have a confession. I find myself staring at Cami’s body quite a bit, waiting for any sign of puberty. I want to be prepared the moment she needs a real bra (she sometimes wears little training bras) and hope to God I have a good reaction when she starts her period! I don’t want to be overly excited or giddy which might be embarrassing. Nor do I want to let out a heavy sigh because I know just how much fun periods are.

My adorable son AJ is 5 ½ and starting Kindergarten in September. He attended a year and a half of preschool, complete with riding the bus, so I’m not real weepy about him starting K (although I do know he will begin reading this year and that‘s a big deal). No, it’s more the other things he’s doing now that get me. That he’s already started losing his baby teeth, that he learned how to ride a 2-wheeler in about 5 minutes and suddenly he can reach the kitchen faucet. Oh, don’t let me forget that he’s now spent a couple nights away from us this summer!

Seriously, just how many milestones, regardless of how small, need to happen to a mommy all at once?

Every time I turn around lately my kids get or do something new. They simply aren’t little anymore and that’s crazy. And it’s not only about accepting where my kids are at now, but also what that means in relation to ME as their mom. I have now been a mother for 11 years. I’ve got some real experience under my belt. I find I’m able to share my “motherly wisdom” with others from time to time.

Actually, that last part is funny. On one had I feel like I have some wisdom, but on the other hand one of the things I’m wise to is that I don’t have all the answers. I thought I did before I ever had children. But now, nope.

What I know right now is my children, my beautiful babies, are becoming actual young PEOPLE. Time is marching on….and on and on. And in the immortal words of Steven Tyler, I don’t wanna miss a thing.


  1. Ah this parenting gig is hard! I love watching my two kidlets grow and I am so proud of what the can do now . . . but I am also a bit sad because I know that one day they will be all grown up. Sigh.

  2. Oh, they are growing up so fast!

  3. Kids grow up too fast! Yours are sweethearts. Love their photos. Aren't TWEENS so much fun? Wait till she turns full on teenager. Those will be some great times. We've entered that stage in our home right now with my oldest.

    Anyways, enjoy the stage their in because once it passes, you don't get it back:)

  4. Yeah, we just moved our baby into her big girl bed (a twin). We know how you feel!

  5. They grow up so fast.My youngest turned 4 last month and I can't believe he's going to preschool in 3 weeks.

  6. It happens so fast. Your children are beautiful Jen.

  7. In the two short years I've had with my daughter every new phase has been met by me with a bittersweet acceptance. As much as I'm excited for her progress I am also mourning the baby phase that has just passed. To imagine her on the threshold of puberty? I just can't think of it yet!!

  8. such cute little ones!! I have twins that will be going to a preschool (I say that because my husband and I are still looking around, with one little private preschool in our area. It's close and affordable),I know I'll be an absolute mess!! They grow up so fast! It's so bittersweet