July 7, 2010

Summer has arrived!

Summer has arrived in Western Washington with full force!  And it arrived right on meteorological schedule.  Meaning, it warmed up exactly when they said it would warm up!

We had a good 4th of July over at the Morehead's (was it really too much to ask for the warm weather to arrive just a few days sooner, tho?).  Now on to Camryn's 10th birthday!  She is having a few girlfriends over for a slumber party this Saturday.  Not sure about what Sunday will hold (her actual birthday).  Mark and I want to get her a new bike.  She found one she really liked at Walmart.  She also says she's ready to re-pierce her ears.  We will have to see if we have any money for that tho.  Might just have to post-pone it a little bit.

I can't believe my baby girl is turning 10!  TEN!  Holy big kid, Batman!  Double digits!  She's a 'tween!  Going into 5th grade, and then.....OMG....middle school is right around the corner!  What am I gonna do??  I find myself checking out her chest every day wanting to make sure I don't miss the first signs of puberty.  I started getting my little boobies at 11, my period at 13.  My mom was 15 when she got her period, I was 2 years earlier than her, so what if Cami is earlier than me?  Who knew I'd start staring at my daughter's body waiting for it to "blossom"?  Geez.

We got her room all done finally.  It has been in limbo since we moved in, try to figure out what we were doing with another wall, organizing and then the pies de resistance, a beautiful new wall hanging from her Aunt Jen to help pull it all together!  I really love having so many creatively gifted women in my life!  And that they love my children....such a blessing.

We have decided to have a housewarming party this month on the 31st, thanks to some prodding from my mother  I'm both excited and nervous.  I'm a nervous party planner.  Have been ever since my old high school BFF Lisa's 16th when I helped her mom plan her a beach party and it totally flopped.  But I know all you really need for a good party is some good munchies and some good people.  And it's summertime and people love parties in the summer!

OK so, Cami's birthday this weekend, hoping to get a pedicure with Jessica and Carin on Monday, going to Carmena's purse party on Tuesday, Cami's check-up Wednesday, my cousin Reina's bridal shower is next Saturday, some friends are also having a party that day, our wedding anniversary is next Sunday, Cami has a Girl Scout trip the following weekend, we'll have our housewarming on the 31st and Cami will leave for summer camp on the 1st.  Definitely not bored!

"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it." ~Russel Baker

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