February 27, 2016

Forcing Thankful

I've been in the downy-dumps most of this week, despite trying thing after thing to raise my spirits.

It hasn't been all terrible-awful, but definitely a whole lot of blah and meh. And sigh. And maybe some ugh.

One thing -- on top of the other many things -- which has been weighing on me is that my husband has had C. diff since (at least) sometime after his last round of antibiotics began the week of our son's birthday last month.

C. diff is a nasty intestinal bug that causes lots of (ahem) diarrhea and is contagious. It is caused by being on lots of antibiotics (which kill bad things but also good things in the gut) and is treated with certain other antibiotics. If it sounds like a vicious cycle, it probably is.

Without going into too much detail (because TMI) I have had lots of extra laundry to do and have been quite concerned about catching it.

Although, it is curious that if antibiotics killing good bacteria in Mark's gut caused it for him, that it's somehow contagious to someone who isn't on any antibiotics....

Regardless, I'm not taking any chances because if I go down, well, you know, I'm the only one left!

One morning I thought, I need to find my gratitude again. I see my "Thankful" tattoo on my wrist every day. Sometimes I bark at it (in my head), "I am thankful, dammit!"

But am I? I didn't post at all last week, although I did try. I tried to write a list of things I was grateful for. I came up with "take-out lunch from Olive Garden" and then....head scratching.

So I'm gonna make a list of really small things to be thankful for which, I think, is all I've got right now.
  1. Some sunshine.
  2. A stroll in the sunshine.
  3. A haircut.
  4. A bottle of wine.
  5. A DQ Blizzard.
  6. A dad hug.
  7. Finding out that Doctor Who will begin streaming on Amazon and that House of Cards season four is almost here.
  8. Four whole hours alone in my house.
  9. In-laws who take my kids for a sleepover.
  10. Secret rule 1.3, about which my friend Lizzi says that "making it to 10 is a thankful item of its own right so you put rule 1.3 last and only have to come up with 9 things".

There, I did it. Gratitude. BOOM!

See more lists of gratitude at Ten Things of Thankful.

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