June 16, 2015

VLOG: 10 Things in My Junk Drawer

Oh my gosh, you guys, I did a video of what's in my junk drawer for Tuesday Ten this week!

This was no easy task, though. You see, I have had what seems like the entire world in my house today. By the time 4:30 rolled around I had to tell my husband to zip it and kick my son out the door so I could just get 'er done!

There's nothing fancy here. I used my phone's camera. No shots of my face because I couldn't use the camera switchy option thingy while videoing.

But you get to hear my voice!

Sorry, it's not really that exciting. I still sound like a teenager.

Anyway! Behold, my very first vlog....type....er....thing (please ignore the little thing you can see on my rug in the beginning...I swear I just vacuumed!):

Ha! That was kind of fun!
I do think it's time to clean out the junk drawer again. Actually, I think it's time to purge the entire house.
Working up to it....
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