June 9, 2015

When a Blogger Has Too Much on Her Mind

....And cannot focus on any one topic enough to flesh it out and make any sort of actual point....she might choose to employ the exercise known as a "brain dump".

Because just like when your house is very messy and you look around at where to start and just end up overwhelmed so you freeze and do nothing?

Well, that's how my brain feels right now. There's a big ol' mess up in there!

Sometimes getting it out is necessary, if only to help you discover, and focus on, what matters most.

Let me count the subjects milling about in my head:
  • My husband's recovery from surgery
  • The ways in which the rehab facility he's in sucks
  • How skeevy I feel about being fake so as not to cause drama
  • How sad I am over the disappearance of one of my friends from my life
  • The end of the school year (except maybe that's not on my mind much considering I completely forgot that high schoolers have finals)
  • Bringing Mark home from the rehab facility because the kids and I can take better care of him than they are
  • The lack of respect many people (still) have for the chronically ill and disabled
  • How angry I am at UPS for mis-delivering my Home Depot order of the supplies I need to go on a weed murder spree
  • I suck at feeding my kids nutritious meals
  • My short hair is too long for this heat
  • My Keurig is being stupid

I think that about covers it. I mean, among other, more obscure things.

For the most part -- in all the ways that really matter, at least -- I think Mark's recovery from muscle flap surgery is going better than expected. He's not taking any pain meds and the therapists at the rehab facility are great. But....the "skilled nursing" leaves a lot to be desired.

For now.

Have you ever had someone in your life who you don't like very much because you've learned that they're two-faced, but you have to be cool with them so as not to cause drama, but that in turn means you have to act two-faced too? That. I feel dirty.

I am thrilled that school is almost out!

I got angry to the point of crying because UPS didn't deliver my order of weed killing supplies TO MY HOUSE. Sound silly? Lemme 'splain.

Imagine if you will that you cannot drive. So you think you're empowering yourself by finding a way to get or do what you need to do without bugging anyone to drive your sorry ass to the Home Depot, and then UPS takes a shit all over your intentions, leaving you feeling helpless all over again.

That's the thing. That's why I cried and was so angry.

My sweet friend Leslie told me that Keurig has replaced her brewer twice now, and all she did was tweet them. I did that, they responded, I called.....and they trouble-shot me.

And my Keurig freaking behaved itself during trouble-shooting!

It's still acting up, so I called again....and they offered me a discount on a new one.


Hmm. Perhaps I should have titled this post: When a Blogger Has Too Much Shit She Needs to Rant About on Her Mind, But She's Just Gonna Let Some of it Eek Out Because if She Goes Into Too Much Detail the Post will be Too Long.

I want to ask, "What's on YOUR mind?",
but I'm afraid it will only add to what's on MY mind!

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