August 30, 2014

The Year of Surgeries Continues

I made mention on Facebook on Thursday that my husband was having another surgery, so I thought I should explain.

It was sort of sudden. I mean, we knew it was a possibility that the latest dialysis fistula "hook-up" (the 3rd) in Mark's left arm was diverting too much blood away from his hand. But we were for sure holding out hope that it wasn't.

After all the previous surgeries he's had this year (they now know and remember us on the 3rd floor of the hospital), Mark's vascular surgeon decided the fistula had to go. It was indeed stealing blood from his hand. He was in a great deal of pain from the lack of blood, and he has a couple of sores on his pinky finger that may not have healed because of it.

So we said goodbye to the fistula that (1) has provided for Mark's dialysis for 12 years. He currently has a Quinton catheter up near his neck (on the left) to do dialysis.

Mark's surgeon will do a study (ultrasound, CT?) of his right arm to see about a new fistula over there, so more surgery is most likely on the horizon.

His doctor was so apologetic over the turn of events. (2) I love how real this guy is. He actually said he felt bad that it didn't work out after all the trying. I think he's just as disappointed as we are.

Oh man....

Part of me wonders if I jinxed everything by shouting to the world how we were experiencing some (3) stress relief earlier this month.

On the other hand (no pun intended), I don't want to hold in the good -- (4) all the gratitude I so often feel no matter what is going on -- for fear of more bad, you know?

(5) Nope. Can't live like that!

(6) Because there's also this:

Same day as surgery.
(7) And this:

Last week....(8) POPCORN!

(9) Always also joy.

(10) You just have to stop and look.

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