June 20, 2014

Pissed Off at the Douchebags of the World

I am feeling so very fed up right about now!

Those who read me regularly know the general crap I deal with. My husband's chronic illness crap.

That could be enough to piss me off. Daily. BUT, you get used to things over time. We've been together for 20 years, so I've adapted for the most part.

I'm not claiming that I don't still get thrown for a loop by Mark's health problems. You know I do. But that is ever-present, not something I can change and if I were to sit here and stew in angry juices over how unfair all of THAT is.....?

Well, I'd be miserable. You can't live like that.

There are the other shitty life things, however, that get thrown at you, that when you are ALSO weighed down by poor health, make you want to throw things and shout expletives.

And lemme tell ya, the older I get -- and the longer I am married to my husband who I love with all my heart -- the more I swear.

I dunno, the things that are pissing me off right now might make you pretty pissed too. Sorry if I'm diminishing the amount of anger you could potentially feel if it were you.

Anyway....you guys know and love Amazon as much as I do, right? Well, my dad has had bad luck with their Groupon type service called Amazon Local.

To be fair, it's not Amazon's fault entirely (although, like my dad pointed out to them, they should vet the vendors better), it's some of the businesses they let use their service being complete underhanded assholes.

I'm not just pissed because they messed with my dad, which is entirely crappy all on its own. No, they messed with me too. Dad gifted us with a voucher for carpet cleaning through Amazon Local. The company selling the vouchers is called US Air Solutions (yes, I'm naming them so my little blog might pop up when someone researches their asses). I scheduled an appointment and they were a no-call, no-show. Calling the number on the voucher went straight to an answering machine (or voice mail, IDK which). We called the number on their website and I was hung-up on twice, then calls went to a machine.

I was really looking forward to my nice clean carpet! Assholes.

Then we have car trouble. Now, we have known for months that the water pump had a leak. Mark has been feeding it water. He tried some stop leak stuff...and we were thisclose to taking it into an acquaintance of Mark's who is a mechanic....when we're on our way home from a doctor's appointment and the radiator hose blows.

Sometimes I hate cars. Sometimes I think they're more trouble than they're worth. Sometimes I'm just fine with the fact that I can't drive them. This is one of those times.

So we're stuck at AMPM waiting for a tow and Mark calls the guy he was going to take his car to....and he says he can't deal with it right now, when he had just seen Mark at work and told him he could probably help him out. Oh that's nice, thanks.

And THEN! We call the last place we had work done on it, who were really cool to us. They say, sure, bring it down, we can totally take a look at it.

When we arrive? They send us elsewhere. Weird at best. Kind of jerky at least.

Thankfully the tow truck guy was cool with it since it was right down the street. But jeez! Why did you tell me to bring it to you in the first place? Idiot.

I feel like I should apologize for calling someone an idiot. But, um, no. That really was an idiot move, was it not?

Wanna know who else is an asshole? Mark's boss. We didn't used to think he was an asshole. Used to think he was pretty cool. Notsomuch anymore.

Have you noticed I haven't named other names since those lying carpet cleaning jerks called US AIR SOLUTIONS? That's because I don't want to completely malign everyone I'm ticked off at. See, I'm cool.

I've mentioned before where Mark works and overall I still feel they are a good company. But this guy who is Mark's store manager? We think he's stealing from associates who go through hard times and apply for the company's hardship grant.

So back to Mark's health problems. Two years ago was when he suffered Ventricular Tachycardia and we thought he was dying. He was out of work on medical leave for four months because of it. His fellow employees were amazingly helpful and kind during that time. When Mark returned to work, at reduced hours, he applied for what I'm calling the "hardship fund" (it has a real name).

The way this fund works is that employees donate to a pool for the person experiencing the hardship. That cash is given to the associate who applied, and then paperwork is sent to the corporation for matching+ funds. This was done for Mark in late summer 2012. We never saw the matching funds.

Mark finally called the special tip line the company has set up to report problems at the local level this week. Someone called him back and said a check was issued to him AND CASHED BY SOMEONE.

It wasn't us. Mark's store manager is the district manager for this hardship fund. Mark isn't the only one in his store who this has happened to. You do the math.

Why are some people such underhanded assholes?? There is a special place in hell for people who steal from people needing help.

It is really hard to know who to trust, man. That sucks.

My blog tag line used to be, "My life is a roller coaster and I'm blogging my way through it all." I used to have a cute little roller coaster clip art image in my header.....

If I make it through this year without my head exploding, I will have no desire to ride roller coasters anymore. Screw those things!

Perhaps I should put that on a t-shirt....

Epilogue: Regarding the car trouble, we ended up with a really great guy who worked his ass off to get the Durango fixed up and back to us by 7:00 that night so Mark wouldn't need to find a ride to dialysis first thing the next morning. Big kudos to James, owner of Canavan's Automotive Repair here in Marysville! He gave us a happy ending to an otherwise shitty circumstance.

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