April 1, 2014

April Blogging Business

I don't believe in April Fools' Day. I will not be lying to you, trying to trick or prank you, or otherwise manipulate you today.

Pinky swear.

We'll have none of that here.

Besides, I'm not feeling all jokester-y today considering I've had only 3 1/2 hours sleep due to yet another trip to the ER with my husband last night.

He's OK, but he has an infection that may or may not have to do with two broken wires in his chest from his bypass surgery in September 2010.

So no, no pranks or pointing and laughing happening on this blog today. Instead I want to work on getting you guys -- and myself at this *yawn* point -- excited for the month ahead!

You see, April is an important one around here.

Every April 16, like clockwork, my birthday rolls around. And this year? I'm turning 40, people.

I will graciously accept any and all gifts!

Also, every April 30 is my blogiversary. I am coming up on four years of blogging.

And then....actually first, because it's a little bit earlier than usual this year I think....I will be participating in the Ultimate Blog Party over at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Now, it's possible that none of this will be exciting to anyone but me.


You read my blog, you must kinda like me, so get with the program, OK?

I'm just saying.

So, how will this impact your life, you ask?

Self-absorbed much?

There will be some sort (I haven't decided yet because I'm currently distracted by a family visit) of #UBP14 post at the end of this week and you will probably see me using that hashtag on social media.

Then there will be an "I'M 40-FREAKING-YEARS-OLD!" post.

If you're super young and can't see 40 yet, or you've already hit that particular milestone and you're thinking "been there, done that, bitch", you're just gonna have to humor me, OK?

The part you will probably like the best, is that I will be having a GIVEAWAY for my blogiversary.

Don't get too excited. It's not an iPad or a DSLR, or some such fancy-shmancy thing.

If I had anything like that in my hot little hands, it would be MINE.

I do have a Dancing in the Rain notebook and pen personally personalized by me!

If you win them, you can conveniently be reminded to not wait for the storm to pass whenever you find yourself doing so.

To review:
  • UBP14
  • 40th birthday
  • Blogiversary giveaway
  • Other stuff thrown in because I'm awesome like that.
Maybe this post is superfluous, but like I said earlier, I'm in the midst of a visit with family (MIL and niece) and just really wanted to blog about something. I mean, I tend to go through withdrawals when it's been more than a couple of days since I last posted.

What? There are worse things to be addicted to.

And now you are well informed!

You're welcome.

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