April 2, 2014

7 Best Instagrams of March

It is the first Wednesday of April, which means it is time for my monthly installment of

Instagram Hearts: March

(Have you caught on that I am posting these the first Wednesday of every month?)

Normally I list them in chronological order, but last month one certain photo stood out
extra special among the others, so I am saving it for last.

For the Photo-a-Day prompt "something borrowed".
I borrowed this protective wine bottle bag from my friend to safely transport
the bottle of Syrah she sent me on my cruise with. I thought it was kinda
funny that this got so many likes.

Actually posted on the 10th, for the Photo-a-Day prompt "in the corner".
This was my view standing on the Serenity Deck at the back of the cruise ship.

When your little boy looks up at you sweetly you must take a picture!

We call this a "cilantro citrus shredded pork taco", and it's delicious!
It was the result of the idea to throw a pork roast in the crock pot with pineapple.
I looked up recipes, pinned one that said to also add rum and orange wedges.
When we discovered how easily it was going to shred, we decided TACOS!

For the Photo-a-Day prompt "full".
Because this tree was FULL of flowers.

For the Photo-a-Day prompt "I am here".
This was me looking to the east over the soccer fields next door to our neighborhood.

And the very special photo, which was chosen as a Photo-a-Day "Fab 4" by Fat Mum Slim for the prompt "cropped" was:

My ginger kitty Julius is famous - I'm so proud!

GFunkified Lewis Lane

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