November 29, 2013

The Final Thankful List of November

We done did Thanksgiving, people!

I love Thanksgiving as a Holiday. Truly I do.

I love that it is a day just for being with people you love and sharing time together over delicious food. It is not a gift-giving holiday, so no pressure there.

Taking a moment to express gratitude? I mean, c'mon!

Yet for some reason, every single year, as the day approaches, I kinda wish we didn't have to DO it. What I mean is, the shopping and cooking and cleaning. Who's doing what and where....

I think sometimes I wish I had a relative who loved cooking Thanksgiving dinner every year and invited the entire family over and all you had to do was bring a pie and maybe help with the dishes.

Is that awful?

The thing is, though, once the day is actually upon us and I'm smelling the food and then eating it, and am smiling around the table at my little family, I am so glad we did it.

So as this month comes to a close, I am thankful for:

1. Thanksgiving Day!

2. My dad, who is generous with the groceries for the meal, and patient with his beloved son-in-law who believes he knows best how to cook everything.

3. What a difference a week makes. It's so odd. Last week my husband had another heart attack, and this week we're feasting like nothing happened. Chronic illness is a strange beast.

4. Being able to find virtually (no pun intended) any and all needed information on the Internet. Seriously, it's like MAGIC.

5. My cable company added Doctor Who to OnDemand - woohoo!

6. Doctor Who. I have something more to write about that. Trust me, good reason. Coming soon....

7. A lot of sunshine for November in Washington. Cool, crisp, sunny autumn days? Yes, please.

8. Friends to share interests with, and who make me feel needed.

9. I left my phone at my dad's and DIDN'T freak out. Very proud of myself.

10. Family discussions with all four of us. Even the tough ones. Especially the tough ones. (Like the Doctor Who reference, more on that later, together. You're curious on how the two go together, right?)

Ten Things of Thankful

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