November 9, 2013

Thankful November #2

No, there wasn't a "Thankful November #1"....technically. But I know now that's what I should have called last week's post!


THIS WEEK I've got my act together! I've been keeping track of what I was grateful for all week. It's easy. Just start a post, and add to it as the week progresses.


Speaking of DUH, this is going to date me, but I used to have this exact poster on my wall and my mother hated it.

Now that I'm a  mother, I understand why. Parents do not like their children to say DUH to them. Also, knowing now what I didn't know then, I was in no position to be claiming I was smarter than anyone!


My gratitude list

1. The scheduler at my kids' doctor's office not yelling at me for rescheduling my daughter's check-up for a second time.

2. Being able to make my daughter an eye appointment for right after her check-up. Will get that all taken care of in one day!

3. The delicious dinner Mark prepared chock full of fresh garlic to try and kick our cold's butt! Even if it didn't really work.

4. I have had bad luck with the anti-reflective coating on my new lenses, but I just got back freshly coated lenses so now I'm seeing clearer again.

5. So glad my daughter shared the essay she wrote for Health class with us!

6. The husband's birthday. He made it to another one!

7. An honest auto repair place. So honest, in fact, they let it slip that not everyone in the state of Washington is required to pass emissions checks. WTF?

8. My replacement Starbucks card. Mark lost my last one. Don't let him tell you he didn't. He totally did! This girl needs to earn free coffee!

9. Receiving a text consisting of just the word "benign". My friend had a boobie thing, but it's all good. (I played it cool, but I really was relieved.)

10. Saturday! I may be a SAHM, but it's still nice when no one in the house has to get up at an early hour if they don't want to. (Yesterday, I nearly had to DRAG the teenager out of her bed. Oy.)

Ten Things of Thankful

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