October 10, 2013

The View From Here: A Love Affair in My Kitchen

This week's View comes from someone who is sweet, kind, goofy, funny and older than me.
She is Kristi, aka the robot mommy.

(No, not all of these posts will be written by women named Kristi.)

A Love Affair In My Kitchen

You are more to me than just a breakfast. You are what makes a day worth being a part of.

I'm very blessed. My days get to be filled with something that truly gets me.

Your crunch muffles the sound of my kids fighting or the latest episode of Dora The Explorer. All I hear is rainbows forming and birds tweeting in their nests.

You hold up my ego as you hold up my spoon. If I'm not devouring your joyfulness fast enough, sometimes you let me down. Yet I can't seem to quit you. I just try again with more of you.

You're not jealous of my coffee. You get that I can only enjoy a mug or two during the day. But with you, I can spend some time in the middle of the night. It may be sneaking around but I don't care. You make me into a bran-loving whore.

You don't seem to care about how my hair looks or if I'm wearing makeup when I hold you. It feels like love when I hear the dink dink as you hit the bottom of my bowl.

Each spoonful fills my soul with kinship. I don't worry about my family or the stressors that come with living out of suitcase. Or that we need to keep our son on top of his curriculum so he doesn't fall behind.

You don't care that my son's outfit is mismatched or that my toddler is eating her nose candy. You just concentrate on me and my needs. The pains and woes of my everyday disappear when I open my mouth and let you in.

You are so inviting....

so flavorful....

....and when we sit alone and I masticate you, I am complete. I am whole.

Oh cereal.... You are amazing.

Your puffs filled with peanut butter and understanding make me feel like I can do anything.

Like I can finish this blog post. Like I'm the princess and you and all your raisins are my princes.

Thank you for being a dollar off with coupon.




See why I can call her goofy? And funny.
Kristi's view is all about finding the humor in the mundane.
The humor in motherhood and raising kids.
Her perspective is to find FUN wherever she can.

If you like Kristi's sense of humor as much as I do, follow along via
her Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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