September 15, 2013

10 Things I Have a Crush On

I could totally write a list of more than 10 things that I crush on. Like my favorite TV shows, movies, music, wine and yarny things. But those are broader topics I think, and I figured I should try to be a little more specific.

1. Water - large bodies, rain, drinking. Water is a good thing. In fact, I'm thirsty.....

2. Sweet potato fries - Sweet. Potato. Fries.

3. Hard As Nails nail polish - it keeps my nails from tearing and splitting! They look so much better lately.

4. Babies - Ohmygodtheyaresocute!

5. Nonfat Salted Caramel Mochas - Yay Fall!

6. The post "Hating on the Poor is SO Funny! (Let's Make an eCard)" by Colleen at The Family Pants - I crushed on her HARD after reading it. And I told her so!

7. My son playing soccer - AJ is so into it, runs his little hear out, and it pretty much makes me proud.

8. The post "On respect, responsibility, and Mrs. Hall’s open letter to teenaged girls" by Kristin at Rage Against the Minivan - No, I am not the Mrs. Hall she is referring to.

9. My newest crush is Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor (Who) - I really liked David Tenant, but Matt Smith has nearly made me forget him in just a couple of weeks.

10. is kind of hard to admit, and you might think I'm bonkers, but.....Simon Cowell. I don't know what it is, but I like him. I know he can be an ass, but for some reason I don't really mind. I'm weird. I'm sorry.

Who/what are you crushing on these days?

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