August 31, 2013

30 Day Push Up Challenge

I did a 30 Day Crunch Challenge during August.

Now I want to help the other least favorite part of my body: my upper arms.

I dislike them so much I never wear anything sleeveless.

Push ups can be pretty tough, so I looked for two different charts,
one starting with just 5 and the other with 15.

Both get you to an end goal of 40.

Found HERE

Yeah. I'll probably be going with the one that starts with 5.
And doing "girl push ups" on my knees!

I've been walking regularly for about 14 months, and will of course keep that up.

I will also continue to try and do at least 50 crunches a day.

I guess I see this as adding in the ingredients of a work out, month by month.

Big thanks to my very supportive friend, J.Ho!
(who also has a blog, Mom Rocks Mealtime)

Tomorrow is September 1st. Let's DO this!

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